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I am a former employee of Lowes HIW and Iam pissed. I was a receiver/stocker working 3rd shift at store #1753, Huntington Beach, CA. They changed the way they unloaded trucks and stocked the freight. I was a full-time employee and one of the fastest and best. They wanted us to "practice" unloading and stocking in only 4 hours because that is how it was going to be done.

Even though they were going to hire 4 part-timers to come in and unload the truck at night, they made us practice. Even with 5-6 people we couldn't do BOTH.

They got their part-timers and we full timers, who cant legally have our hours or pay or benefits cut, were slain quickly.

In order to try to accomplish the task of doing everthing in a time limit that was unrealistic, we had to bend some rules. We had been bending the rules ever since that store opened over 5 years ago...

They knew this and decided to watch the cameras and record and report each of the full timers. Needless to say we all lost our jobs on bad terms and even though the part timers were doing the exact same things we were *** they were not penalized...

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I got fired for a safety violation on the forklift in the receiving area while trying to work quickly and more efficiently for the company. There is zero tolerance on that stuff so be careful, they are always watching.

Remember, don't try working hard, just do the absolute minimum amount of work required, and take every single break that you are allowed. They can't fire you for not trying hard.


I know that making others's look bad to make yourself look good is bad, I know not following the rules is bad. No wonder you got fired.


First of all, "Irish", you don't have a clue as to what you are talking about. Second, I am also an ex employee of Lowe's HB, store #1753.

I worked on the front end as a head cashier. Our crew was also a skeleton crew with promises of better times but without follow-through on those promises. Running an entire warehouse on 5 cashiers, 1 customer service, and 1 returns, with HALF department employees, required to manage loss prevention and the multitude of pricing problems/slow managers/lazy cart boys/long breaks/lack of support, it was a nightmare job. I kept my checklists and held everyone accountable to the company rules and got ousted by *** male managers who liked to ogle and flirt with the 18 year old girls who happened to be the ones taking 20-40 minute breaks and never got written up.

Even tho I kept that store in tip-top shape regardless of the lack of staff, everything was done correctly, I couldn't get a sign off for a higher position because of a BS technicality which they bent for others. All because the teenage girls were crying.

SUCH BS! No one is a role model there, they're all ***


They don't want self braggers, you claim you were the fastest and best, you have a very high opinion of yourself. I bet you were really the slowest and worst.


It is just getting worse and worse, here. It's not just here though, it's almost every retailer.

I was routinely covering 2-3 departments by myself, because my senior management team either had no clue as to how to staff properly, or they were purposely running skeleton crew to cut payroll. This induced a high amount of stress on a daily basis, which made coming into work like coming into battle.

My manager once said that no one forces you to work for Lowes. I should have seen that comment for what it really was. They don't care WHO they grind into dust, just so long as there is some poor sap there willing to be ground. Don't we all deserve a job that treats us like a person, and not an expendable widget?


So "me" are you apart of the problem with that comment or hoping to be a positive part of the solution???

Is this the culture of Lowes??


follow the rules and btw our receiver stockers do that easily with less people