Rock Hill, South Carolina
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What is up with the lowes in rock hill? Was in their the other night, and the store looked like a train wreck.

Their was noone hardly in any department, and I went up to the check out line up by seems where the employees hang out. was trying to get the attention of this one young girl, who was too busy talking to the men, she totally ignored me, all I wanted to do was ask why their was noone working arond the ceiling fan area.

This was friday 9-9-08. I got peaved, so I just walked out, and will never return. Some employees that work there are just down right rude.

I work with the public, in the insurance business, and I know not to make a customer upset.

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Hey retailer4life, you're a shining example of the low lifes at lowes.


retailer4life, Why were you kicked out of the marines? Is it because you were kicked out of the marines for killing babies?


Hey Sgt. Carter, Wally called, he wants you over to Doctor Bailey's too!

Gawd i would LOVE to have 5 minutes alone with you two *** in my Lowes bullpen one @ a time! Don't tell me you guys actually work for a living.

Oh wait, you guys are probably still in high school!! Well, better go, you 2 probably have "personal" things to do together, don't want to get you 2 all worked up!!


retailer4 life, is that you Pyle ??


Hey, Wally, this ex-Marine is ready anytime!! Oh, by the way, *** what branch of the service were you in??

i didn't think so.... Hoo Rah! Don't ask,,,,don't tell didn't work for you.

hey, Dr. Bailey just snapped on a fresh rubber glove..he's ready for ya!!


retailer4life, After you've completed psychotherapy, you'll feel like a new man. And you'll overcome your obsession for Wally.


Hey retailer4life, why in the world would I want go to lowes, unless it's just to kick your little ***? Home depot is a much better store.

and they have real customer service. Customer service is something that lowes doesn't have a clue about. Lowes only hire the *** of the earth as you have demonstrated .

Why do you think that Home Depot outsells lowes? Besides lowes is on its last leg anyway.


Hey Doctor Bailey, something tells me what part of the exam you like best, pal!! I bet wally's all excited for that part of it!!


retailer4life, If you’ll make an appointment with your personal physician, I’m positive he can refer you to a specialist so you can get the help you desperately need. I’m also positive you’ll be able to recover from any problems you may have. I also understand that you may not have the sufficient financial resources to get a full recovery, but I’m sure financial arrangements may be coordinated with your employer.


Hey, Ashley, go take some penicillin for the STD you got from your brothers. Your *** girlfriend needs to know the truth!!


It took this person a month to write this letter, yet they still did not check it over. This letter is a trainwreck with all the misspelligs.


retailer4life, how is Wally gonna recognize you among all the other low lifes?


Hey, Wally, wanna come into my Lowe's sometime, and get in my face and call me a low life?? Your boyfriend would not recognize you!!


What the heck did you expect? You should know that "big box" stores just hire low lifes and I'm surprised they get paid at all.

And why did it take over a month for you to post a complaint? You should've gotten over this by now.


Be patient. Life goes on.

There's a war going on and a huge election. More important things in life than "does that fan have a remote control".