Springfield, Massachusetts
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I ordered and paid from Lowes 7 panels of a Cedar stockade fence June 2 to be picked up by the guy who was going to be putting the Fence in. He went to pick up the fence and was there for over 2 hours while they tried to figure out what fence to give him ( he had the receipt with the fence # on it , too)

He came to my house with a fence I didn't order. It looked nothing like the one I paid for. I liked it, so he put it up. I wasn't sure why I had gotten that particular style of stockade, but I trusted Lowes.

I went by Lowes today to look at the fence I had installed to try to figure out what happened. I found out it was $6 a panel cheaper than the ones I originally paid for!

Went back tonite - the style of the panels I ordered and paid for had been out of stock for awhile. Mmmm, the cashier who rang me up didn't know that? I want cedar ( original order) so that the fence would last linger and the cheaper ones that were installed were Cedar look- not Cedar!

Btw, the original fence I paid for is still displayed outside as if they are still available.

I still had my receipt and received a refund of $44.

My point is that it clearly stated that I paid $50.97 originally on my receipt yet they substituted panels selling for $44.67 knowing I had paid more than that .

Grrrrrrrr.. If I hadn't gone in and kept my receipt I would have overpaid $44 for a fence I thought was cedar but wasn't.mu

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $44.

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