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About seven years ago we bought enough lumber to build a beautiful staircase down to our dock, used ground contact wood, even though it did not touch the ground. We worked sun up to sun down for weeks.

We made sure everything was perfect. It is totally rotten and we tried to replace a few pieces at a time. The stairs are now unsafe. We were told they had a new formula for the pressure treatment that obviously did not work.

It now needs a full redo.

What a terrible experience. How does one get a refund?

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

Lowes Cons: Wood quality.

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I built a deck out of this wood about 8 years ago and it has rotted to the point that a visitor put her foot through it. I am replacing it with pressure treated wood form Home Depot.

This is very time consuming as I have to get the paint out of the screws so I can back them out to remove the rotten wood I bought at Lowes.

I will NEVER buy anything at Lowes again. As far as any guarantee, I don't have any receipts from 8 years ago


Same here. Mine is a pool deck. All rotten within 6 months


1) pressure treated lumber, is normally not rated for ground contact.

2) any lumber withing 30ft of standing water (lakes, ponds, rivers etc.) should actually be marine grade.

Due to water tables rising and dropping. Any Lumber in the ground used for a dock should be marine grade as well.

3) the new treatment process is not different than the old process, they have just removed the arsenic, due to health and environmental reasons.

4) Even in optimum conditions standard treated lumber will only last in the ground 6-10 years.

When it comes to the "refund" point blank you wont get one.

You have used the wrong product for your needs, the fault of this is unknown. Any self-respecting knowledgeable lumber associate,at any lumber yard will back this up. Marine grade lumber is anywhere between 75%-150% more expensive then standard Green/Brown Treated. Most people don't to spend 30-50$ on one 6x6.

So they settle for G.T. but years down the road end up in your situation.

Sorry it happened, but with Google at you finger tips you should of be more willing to do your own research.