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Bought some shrubs from Lowes in Oct. on sale.

Was told they are still under the 1 yr. guarantee and would be replaced if any problems. At the end of April I called and explained to them some of the shrubs did not make it. They said to bring in the shrubs and the receipt for an exchange.

I did as instructed and was even told to go and get the replacement shrubs from the lawn and garden center.

When I returned to the desk another women ( Donna) came and said I am not going to let you return them since you bought them on sale. I said they have a 1 yr. guarantee and they told me to bring in the plants for a exchange. She then called another manager (Phil) very overweight guy, who said it is up to him and his discrepancy and he had already lost money since they sold them on sale and was not going to let me return the items and loss more money.

I ask why they do not put up a sign saying, that if you buy something on sale you can not exchange it but you have you to pay the difference. He said he has the last word and they do not have to say anything except their policy is: it is up to the manager if he wants to let someone exchange or return something.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Lowes Cons: Employees attitude, Manager attitude, Will not uphold guarantee.

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