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My husband and I found out the same thing. He must provide a dd214 his state issued drivers license wasn't enough.

Since we have taken our business to Home Depot and Ace where all Vets are treated the same! Its a shame that they are able to advertise such a deceptive method to deceive customers. There was a vet in line behind us that told the cashier that he felt the same way.

If they only catered to wounded vet then they should say that up front otherwise its a hoax. This is sad because we have always liked Lowes, but not anymore

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How about treating everyone the same! Why does being a vet entitle you to a 10% discount, what about teachers, doctors, police officers, firefighters, veterinarians, retail workers, mayors, crossing guards, surgeons, coaches and so on...

Why are veterans so entitled is the real question? Lets treat all customers equal! I've never met a more entitled bunch than a "veteran." People join the military because IT'S A JOB!

They either cannot afford to go to college and need someway to pay for it or they are not smart enough to go, simple as that. It's a career choice and for some reason that makes them special.....

to SharkNasty #845496

So why are veterans Special ?? Have you ever been on the front lines with people shooting at you or trying to kill you ??

You sound like the type of person that has never had there life threatened protecting those who have no idea what we veterans have done and are doing EACH AND EVERYDAY so you can do what ever it is you do.

Why don't you just say THANK YOU and go on about your day. You'll never understand.

to SharkNasty Port Charlotte, Florida, United States #934677

Teachers, firefighters and police do receive discounts

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