Bloomington, Indiana
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I shop at Lowes. Recently I went to Menards and decided I would prefer your store.

But I cannot get around it without an electric scooter basket. So, I'm back to Lowes. Please reconsider your decision about having scooters. While it may not be required by law, it is good business to cater to customers.

The old bottom line was profit. The new bottom line is the well being of people. Corporations have made things difficult for the common people for a long time and we are beginning to recognize that we don't have to take it from corporations any more.

We can take our business elsewhere. -Deb

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You have become too comfortable with your handicap. You no longer push your limits.

You have settled into your handicap and in that comfort you no longer try. As a handicapped person myself, I push myself constantly. I get extra PT by walking further by parking further away. In doing this I have started building more stamina and a greater tolerance to the pain.

Now this doesn’t address them not having a scooter for you. I use it to illustrate that YOU should help yourself. That your usual appliance that you use for getting around should be just fine. I know pushing yourself hurts and you will pay for it but it’s worth it.

Yes there are extreme cases that need a electric cart but those extreme cases usually have their own. Make yourself better so you don’t need to rely on them.

I can guess why they don’t have carts, insurance. Normally handicap and elderly aren’t the best drivers and running into something there could be costly.


Stores that don’t have electric scooters ...probably just don’t care or they don’t want law suits if you get hurt while riding it


Hard to believe someone can make smart *** comments about people that need electric carts to get through these huge box stores and not be informed how big of a *** they sound like. I have recently and very reluctantly had to start using them and only came across this thread because I was Googleing to see if Lowes had them as I need to get in to a store to buy some stuff.


Menards is not a corporation it is owned and operated by John Menard. If this is truly an issue for you write him a letter.

He is a business man. If you can convince him it makes good business sense to do so he will have them in a very short order. It's business 101 if it can provide enough additional revenue to pay for it's self it's a no brainer.

However if it won't at least pay for it's self there is no way in *** Mr. Menard is going to do it.


And that My friend is what is sad. He should be reading these comments and addressing them himself.

this Company did not I repeat did not honor the lady in Marion county after selling her the wrong product. She had to paint it the shade she needed and the young man Tristan would have made this right but they took him off put him back on checkout.. Jhon should look at these comments and make them right. I would suggest not using this store .Jack never has returned the calls email nor sent a check for her cost.

Store is in Owenborrs Ky. If you tell them as you say a corporation you tell them a lady got smart with you when you called and it is on. They go and talk to them and Lowes a corporation as you say didnt send the products on time to her and gave her the product at cost and paid for the wiring cost at the venue. This has been over a year and I still send emails to no effect of course and yes Lowes has the chair and will have someone waik with you as you shop.

So as your comment suggest no way in *** he puts Money First not his customers but a Corp puts theirs first. Corp Dif extended stores , Invested in Mateiral Francise, and stock Holders Hmmmm.

Should not have to write him a Letter like he is going to read and return one any way.Comments tell the Story he can read them and make the stores do what he says put the CUSTOMER FIRST. Not being able to walk is Truly a Issue hope you gained some points because thie really doesnt make him look good.


Why should everyone who shops at a store have to pay for your need for an electric scooter? It should be the responsibility of the individual to pay for out of the ordinary needs.

How could you even tell if the store is better if they do not have electric scooters and you need one to get around the store?

Oh wait, I guess you were actually able to get around the store without one to see that you liked it. Did you ever stop to think that the store may be nicer because they do not spend on things like a row of electric scooters that are used by less than 1% of their customers?


Hey BOB, what if your an amputee like I am and don't have a prosthetic leg. It would be nice to have a cart to ride and shop. Guess your to stupid to realize that


I'd probably want my own cart so I wouldn't have to be concerned if the store had one or not.


These are not “out of the ordinary needs” They are an absolute Necessity for someone who is handicapped.I suppose you also have a problem with handicap parking spaces! We are the ones that can’t shop unless the store provides Electric scooters.

You Sounds like a very bitter person. I hope your never in the circumstances where you need a scooter.


Bob! I just lost the use of my left leg, I have been a customer of Lowe's, Menards and Home Depot.

I just checked to see if I could actually get to the flooring department at Lowe's. I'm 65, not usually handicapped, I'm sad to inform you, even non-handicapped people have accidents and become handicapped. I have needed the use of a scooter 3 times in my life.

I hope and pray you never need help. I thank you for the information, I won't stop at Menards for flooring, or anything else, even after I regain the use of my knee.


Shop at Lowes Rogers, AR we have 6 power carts with big baskets on the front. Just waiting for you.

three of those are new fast models. Enjoy


Buy your own??? Anyone who requires a scooter for large stores knows how difficult they are to take apart, load in your car, put it back together just so you can pick out new door handles or whatever.


Any personally owned scooters are not meant for shopping. They don’t have the baskets that the commercial scooters have.


Don't go there at all go to a local lumberyard and they will probably find and load everything for you.Lowes doesn't care if you come back the local lumberyard will. Lowes,Menards,Homedepot don't have better deals anyway unless you local lumberyard is just screwing everyone. Really compare quality and price and you will find you are going to be better off.


Any Lowe’s hardware store I’ve been to all have electric scooters.


You have know idea, until you read this.


no, the new bottom line is still money. always has been and always will be as long as you're alive. get used to it.


I’d like to see you get used to being handicapped. If the store doesn’t provide an electric scooter I don’t shop there. Not because I don’t want to it’s because I can’t walk!


Buy your own scooter, then you will not have to relay on the store to provide you with transportation, which is not part of their business.

@Lowes Shopper

Buy your own? Have you ever priced them?

Most people needing them are trying to get by on SSI or SSDI, typically under $1250 Mo. If these stores

can offer some help it would

increase their sales