Bloomington, Indiana
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I shop at Lowes. Recently I went to Menards and decided I would prefer your store.

But I cannot get around it without an electric scooter basket. So, I'm back to Lowes. Please reconsider your decision about having scooters. While it may not be required by law, it is good business to cater to customers.

The old bottom line was profit. The new bottom line is the well being of people. Corporations have made things difficult for the common people for a long time and we are beginning to recognize that we don't have to take it from corporations any more.

We can take our business elsewhere. -Deb

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@Lowes Shopper

The personally owned scooters do not provide the big baskets you need when shopping.


Jan you're trying to talk to the kind of moron that embarasses me as a conservative. With clowns like him cluttering the landscape conservatives will continue to lose ground, though we AREN'T a bunch of heartless jerks.

I can guarantee, without reservation that HE takes advantage of certain "extras" retailers provide.

But like idiots across the land he considers them his "right". Color him LOSER.

@Lowes Shopper

Home scooters do not have the big baskets for shopping. Also many can't get them to the store.

@Lowes Shopper

I'm having a knee replaced, why should I have to buy a scooter to put my money in their pocket for the 2 months I'll be off my feet?

@Lowes Shopper

For people who think having a electric scooter to get around a large store is unfair one should consider that I for example are 100% disable veteran isn’t that enough maybe not oh should a person that worked all there life and now have a hard time getting around because they are 80 or 90 years old? Maybe they should rely on their children or others to shop for them at what point did we lose common curtesy for each other, at the end of the day we should all be happy and healthy but for some strange reason it doesn’t work that way.

As a personal point of I hope you never know anyone that gets old or disabled. 72 a usmc vietnam disable veteran