Cleveland, Ohio

we do you have so many handicapped parking spaces an only one power chair for customers use doesn't make much sense to even go to your store or read your add when i can not get around in your store i have to drive 25 miles to get to sandusky for a one in seven chance of shopping (actual numbers) oh well Lowe's is just down the street as well as home depot you can guess where i spend my money it would seem you company has a total disregard for the 1.2 million handicapped shoppers in ohio shame on you please get into the 20th century with your customer service

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Here we go again....just another Lowe's customer expecting something as if it was due to him because he was going to spend some money at Lowe's. Just go to Home Depot and be the thorn in their side. PLEASE


Handicap spots are determined by the city or township NOT the business. Carts are approx $6k each and are torn up daily by customers who don't care. I agree buy one yourself.


At what point did it become the responsibility of a retail establishment to provide powered carts for customers? If you are in need of a wheelchair, by all means quit being a tight fisted, penny pinching drain on society and buy one for yourself.


Its actually the 21st century, just sayin :p

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