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My wife & I purchased a complete new set of appliances for our kitchen through Lowe's. We have had several issues with the refrigerator. Had to have several service call over the last few months. Actually it had a couple of issues right out of the box.

well now almost a year later it has stop making ice over the last two weeks and now today it quit running all together. The service tech who came out to look at the ice maker did a diagnostic test said it could be a couple of things they would order parts and let me know. Well when I called to see if the parts would be overnighted so they could fix it tomorrow he said they would have to wait for Lowe's to approve the parts order might take a couple of days. And Finally the Lowe's Supervisor

told me someone would follow up with me in 5 business days how nice while I have no refrigerator. The one thing i can control is to never buy a another thing at Lowe's. If i were you i would not buy anything from Lowe's that might need service.

I told the lady from Lowe's I can't make you take care of your customers, But i can post something each day in hopes that others might not get caught in your trap.. post 1-365.

Alan F

Monetary Loss: $8000.

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Paradis, Louisiana, United States #798168

First of all. Why are you blaming the lady at Lowes.

She can't snap her fingers and fix it. And at this point it's not the people at Lowes to fix it. It's the 1 800 line.

I understand your problem, but you are starting *** on the wrong side of the fence. Did you not listen to the sales person about the warranty when you purchased the fridge.!


First of all, how did you lose $8000. Lowes doesn't sell $8000 refrigerators.

Take time to read your warranty.

Nowhere does it talk about shipping parts overnight nor does it promise next day repairs. If you have had this many problems you complaint should be with the manufacturer of the refrigerator rather than the retailer.

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