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the monetary loss is not exact, since the site asked me to fill, I had to fill that no, that is not exact, besides, it is not a loss about this complaint, it is my opportunity to avail a credit and use the money elsewhere, as well a matter of getting discounts of 5% and more.

Original review posted by user Jan 10, 2013

I bought the hardwood floor installation service from lowes, both the hardwood material and installation was pretty good, great work. However, the lowes credit or finance side has flaws and terrible issues, it is not just about lowes but the partnership they have with GE money/finance/capital, that provides credit services to lowes.

GE is one of the most notorious and worthless financial company ever, I still have two or three different store cards and credit cards from GE, but starting from customer service, finance decisions such as under writing, amount of credit, fees and payments, online billing or online accounts, everything is a night mare to deal with GE. I spent several thousands on my home project (hardwood floor), the clerks and lowes employees advised me to apply for a credit that comes with discount and other perks, besides I do not have to pay a lump some for the project and save the money for something else., When I applied right from the store, the GE people wanted to double check ids everything, that is ok, I had no problem, but after confirming that it was me, the rep processed and approved for a *** $800 credit, what a low life, I am spending close to $20K on my home improvement projects and ready to pay cash, they approved this toilet credit. I had to call the underwriter, and speak, he was useless and same like any other underwriter ***, he did not make any change to the amount.

I had to change my mind to pay cash. This is the tragedy of some of the finance companies like GE, particularly GE, why Lowes having business with such companies?, I would not deal with GE even if they pay me, what a third rate company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

Monetary Loss: $16000.

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