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Let me just start with this, i bought a home and prior to movieng in i decided to get some floors put in through out the house plus new doors new bathroom sinks and things like that i mean i end up spending about $10.000 thausend at lowes alone

And here it goes they came to install a 2000sq feet of flooring, that i had isue's with couple of week later and i called them and they send back the installer and he fixed a lil spot wher tje flooring was bad

Couple of weeks later through out the whoole house it started to do that same problem

I called them again and again and again that finaly caled me back well one of the guys quit, then they said will call u back we r gona send the bad ones that they got from my house to the company and c why is this happening

They didnt call me back for weeks, so i called i said what happen they said the other guy who was supose to sent the stuff to the company quit as well and they no longer have the flooring pices to sent back to the company. Well we are gonna send an independet person to come and look at the floor and c whay its happening, and we are talking about this for about 4-5 months ok

They send the person and she comes in and the company (armstrong) calles me after couple of weeks and says sorry but its not are problem, u have to talk to a lowes store that u bought the floor from and on and on and on and the store still telling me that im working on it and its ben 7-8 months already and lowes or armstrong or no one is willing to do anything about this

Go and figure. But my only choice is to het a lawyer and go after booth of them

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Are you sure your time frame isn't skewed?? I know you want to go after booth of them, but I would wait and seeee what happens.

They booth have more money than you. I'm just doing my job, protecting and serving retail associates.


How muck is Lowes paying you to cover their massive screw ups? Some of what you say is silly.