College Station, Texas

On 10/29/09 we placed an order at the Lowe's in Fremont, Ohio for 1 window plantation shutter for my mother's bathroom. The company measured the window on 10/30/09 and it was ordered because I was returning to Texas.

We were told it would be delivered and installed on 11/17/09 so my sister spent the entire day at my mother's house waiting because my mother, Bernie Bender, is 96 years old and no one called or showed up. Three weeks later, with no word, they contacted Lowe's and was informed that a tentative delivery would be 12/21/09, almost 2 months after ordering it. I have always delt with Lowe's as apposed to Home Depot, both of which are available to all of us, but if this is the service we will get we sill stop purchasing from you which has been substantial in the past.

We all felt that the employees at the Fremont store were very helpful and friendly but if this is the service my mother is receiving none of my family, which is scattered over Ohio, Minnesota and Texas will every use your stores again.

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This is not as much of an issue with Lowe's as it is their shipping vendors or their Installed Sales contractors. Lowe's doesn't have the power to make a manufacturer get something to them any quicker. But, if the item has arrived at the store and no one has brought it to you, then that's an issue with the contractors doing their job.


I agree 100% with Dawn. What Customers hear and what is the truth are always two different things.

Just so you know; many things have different lead times. Standard lead times are approximately 14 days (assuming that the manufacturer isn't back ordered and/or this isn't completely custom); What was probably stated to you was that it was expected around the 17'th of November and as always, you heard, "We'll have it installed on 11/17/2009". I'm sure you all probably groaned enough that Lowe's gave you a discount; so enjoy.

--- To this "Staff" guy; I don't believe it's right to contact the CEO over something petty. While you sit in your self pitty (eating four quarter pounders a day), just remember; McDonald's is retail as well.


Plantation shutters have a 6 - 8 week delivery. that you will find at any retail store. The time line comes from the manufacturer.


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