Highland, New York

I tried to get a Kobalt 25' tape measure replaced because it would not retract. Lowes told me to go to manufacturer for replacement.

The package stated "LIFETIME HASSLE-FREE GUARANTEE.You should never have a problem with your Kobalt tools. However,if you do, return the item to the place of purchase for replacement. No questions asked." After the the tool manager was called to the return desk. I was told that the model number is no longer carried.

When I asked for similar item they wanted to charge for difference in price? I tried explain the price of new one was the same as what I paid for the broken one. Now I asked to talk with the store manager. They made a phone call and I was finally given the new tape.


LOWES I'm buying Craftsman from now on! I've never had any problem returning a tool at Sears.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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You have no idea how many of these incidents I have had to endure. Then if they return to your card as a return now its a solo purchase and you will be hit with 24.99% apr because your next payment wont go to pay that exact purchase off.

Your payments go to promotional purchases first. So if this originally was with a large purchase that fell into 0 apr for 12 or 24 months now your screwd. They arent supposed to treat these as returns or anything involving a transaction to your account. You should be able to swap and go if they want a reciept whatever to determine if its still covered but should be a one for one exchange.

Everytime its something and the old OH Kobalt just changed their policies recently. So when were we alerted?


unfortunately Lowes bought the rights to craftsman with sears going out of business. im about to go in to lowes to return my 25' kobalt tape measure because it wont retract either.

ive had it less than 2 weeks with very little use. we will see what happens ill leave a message with results in case this happens to anyone the near future.


Same thing has happened to me 412111 broken want replace I went in the store with my buddy he is an attorney he suggested a class action lawsuit .


i have a 25' kobalt 412111 with a broken tape. i tried to get it replaced with no satisfaction .

i can not find where to get a replacement or anything for my tape WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO GET IT REPLACED ????????????



Buy a new one.


I to whent in they asked for a receipt and I said i didn't have one they then said it was a 90 day replacement window and without a reciept they couldn't prove that I had purchased it in the 90 days but the package stated the so called " LIFE TIME WARRANTY" and I was like tf 90 days ain't *** compared to a lifetime do not buy anything from lowes the excuses they pull out of their *** will make you lose brain cells that's how much of a joke it is


I’ll help clarify this for you. I work at Lowes and have recently encountered this new 90 day warranty.

Im guessing your talking about a tape measure. Recently within 2018 I believe, Kobalt tape measurers (and im sure many similar products of Kobalt) stopped being “lifetime hassle free guarantee”, and many items have switched to a “90 day warranty” (with receipt of course). It says on the right hand corner of the box of the product what warranty it has. Newer models i noticed have the 90 day warranty while older models that have sat on the shelves still have the box on it saying “lifetime”.

Those older models will and should be honored at the store for exchanges since they are lifetime (but if they honor it they will only give you the newer model which will only fall under 90 days from when you get the new one). However some people may try being slick by attempting to return a “new model” of the tape measure after the 90 days and claim it was lifetime, when in fact it wasnt. Of course the customer doesn’t have to original packaging to prove it, and its left to customer service/head cashier/management to make the decision based on judgment if theres no proof. Its quite a mess since the company has changed its lifetime guarantee from tape measures to 90 days.

I really believe it should be a lifetime guarantee, but us (the workers) dont get to make that decision, we simply have to follow the company policy as best as possible. In fact I helped 1 customer today specifically about a tape measure and told me it was lifetime, even though he had no packaging or receipt to prove it. He simply wanted to exchange it. When my manager had told him about the 90 day warranty, he got aggravated, but when the manager left, i decided to help the customer anyways with the exchange on the tape, for the newer model and going forward its a 90 day policy.

In my eyes, i simply did not want to lose a potential customer because of a simple $8 tape measure. The customer thanked me, went inside to grab an exchange AND bought more items along with exchanging the tape.

Which was definitely more than $8......im sorry you went through such a bad experience due to the warranty being changed. It happens unfortunately.


I to purchase a 25 foot Kobalt tape measure a few years back. After about a year it broke and I took it back and hassle-free was replaced.

That tape measure broke a few days ago and I took it in today and it was replaced hassle-free but I was told they will no longer Carrie the lifetime warranty hassle-free replacement. The new warranty is 90 day satisfaction guaranteed or return with receipt. That is a far cry from lifetime warranty.

The warranty was the very reason why I purchased the tape measure to begin with. I too will be looking for a new lifetime warranty product.


It was a big reason many customers bought the kobalt branded tape measures. Im not sure why Kobalt decided to change its warranty, but it is rather unfortunate.

I work at Lowes and recently found out about the change as I was attempting to help a customer exchange his kobalt tape. As soon as I found out, i couldnt believe it. I just thought...this is not gonna be good.

Customers will be confused about the warranty, they will stop buying kobalt, etc etc. although still something we (the workers) had to enforce within our company policy, although it is very unfortunate.


Went to get my tape replaced was told good luck & they gave me store credit instead


Kobalt made the choice to do away with the life time warrenty not lowes on the tape measures i have had many ppl come in trying to return stuff they broke wanting new tape measures then cuss me when i say i will not return it


Lowes is a lot closer to me than Home Depot. Lowes is much cleaner and better organized.

Maybe it is because, Lowes is always nearly empty and Home depot is always full of customers like myself.The staff at Home depot is always helpful and friendly.

Good luck getting any help at Lowes.I am not surprised, whenever I needed anything at Lowes, it was always so much hassle that I ended up going to home Depot.I no longer even bother to go to Lowes.What this man experienced at Lowes, is very normal conduct at Lowes. I would be surprised to hear otherwise.


Thats very interesting because around here, I hear the exact opposite from customers who come into Lowes. Although i think its just a preference for 99 percent of people. I know many friends and colleagues who swear by Lowes due to various reasons (including what you said above), while i know many family members and colleagues who swear by Home Depot for the exact same reasons the Lowes shoppers use.


Well since Sears is on it's way out.. Lowes will now be carrying Craftsmen tools..

@John from Lowes

Witch all of craftsman are made over sea now go figure


need to look again on your source. must be a CNN website because craftsman is still and will ALWAYS be made in THE U OF SA


You need to look at the packages. All craftsman wrenches, sockets and ratchets are made in Taiwan or China!


With Chineese steel.. Keep researching...

Made in USA,, with Chieese steel...lol whats the difference. The ratchets and wrenches are no where as strong as they used to be. I've broken 3 ratchets within 5 years..

Yet I still have my Grandpas old time Craftsman,, with no problem. Kinda funny..


Yeah,went to Lowes yesterday and the girl have gave me my money back and I just wanted to replace tape measure.The catch...damned package says 90 day warranty now.Forget Kobalt,I'll go back to Powerlocks.Scammers!!!


I returned a tape measure that also had a lifetime warranty. They complained a little, but replaced it with the closest one they now carry.

It only has a 90 day warranty, so I won't be able to replace it again if it fails in the future. I won't be buying kobalt again.