Highland, New York

I tried to get a Kobalt 25' tape measure replaced because it would not retract. Lowes told me to go to manufacturer for replacement.

The package stated "LIFETIME HASSLE-FREE GUARANTEE.You should never have a problem with your Kobalt tools. However,if you do, return the item to the place of purchase for replacement. No questions asked." After the the tool manager was called to the return desk. I was told that the model number is no longer carried.

When I asked for similar item they wanted to charge for difference in price? I tried explain the price of new one was the same as what I paid for the broken one. Now I asked to talk with the store manager. They made a phone call and I was finally given the new tape.


LOWES I'm buying Craftsman from now on! I've never had any problem returning a tool at Sears.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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Today I tried to return for replacement a Kobalt 25' tape measure, the brake has stopped working, it stated on the package a Lifetime Hassle-Free Guarantee.I had another Kobalt Tape Measure that did the same thing, the brake stopped working, I took it to Customer Service at the same Lowe's, I took one off the shelf back to Customer Service and walked out with a tape measure that worked.The new store manger told me I needed to contact Kobalt.I will NOT buy anymore Kobalt tools from Lowe's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Craftsman doesn't honor warranty on tapes anymore.


I feel your pain! I went through it today!about 1 hour of my life I will never get back because of a tape !


If you look at warranties they cover manufacture defects. They don't cover your ripping off the end of the tape. It's ignorant consumers that can't understand the difference between a defect and damage they caused that is causing the reduction in the warranties manufacturers offer.


I just experienced this same scenario yesterday (2-13-18) over the lifetime tape I had bought a while back. I had no receipt, nor did I remember when I purchased the tape and they said without either proof they would not replace the tape.

All Kobalt tapes are now 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. No more lifetime tapes. 20 minutes later and three reps from Lowes I was finally given a replacement. Which I then had to go from my orginal 30' magnetic to a 25' magnetic because they did not carry a similar product.

Kobalt is not a brick and mortar retail shop (that I know of in Indiana anyway) so I can not walk in and buy a tape from them.

Lowe's sold the product, they received my money and benefited from the purchase, they should honor the warranty. I guess I'll wait shortly until Menards does the same with Master Force tapes.


Wow...i work at a Lowes and know were not supposed to deny any older models of Kobalt tape due to the warranty change. Older models should be honored under the lifetime warranty..atleast thats what I was told and its what I go by.

However the new model I tell the customer it will only be 90 day warranty going forward.

Although i can see many stores simply saying “90 days all together going forward for anything past/present/future” just to get customers used to the idea that its actually changed...i know many customers who try to take advantage by trying to return a recently bought kobalt tape and simply lying that it was an older model that said it had lifetime warranty. Its quite pathetic, but for reasons like that I can see why some stores may simply just go by the 90 day warranty on ALL kobalt tapes..its very unfortunate.


Talk to a manager. Go to Lowes.com and leave reviews.

They do read them and don't like negative remarks. I went through the same thing and ended up going to another Lowes and they gave an equal replacement. Lots of times the employees don't know what to do because nobody tells them.

The new Kobalt tapes are "easy read" with the fractions written on there. I'll never buy another Kobalt tape, for that reason alone!


Kobalt quality left with the life time warranty....never again.... craftsman for rest of life....USA USA USA


Keep in mind that Sears is a done deal in most cities.Sad I know I will mess them . But Lowes will be carrying the Craftsmen Brand...Maybe we should not have left Sears for Lowes..


That's why Sears is going out of business. Lol...

also.. hate to tell ya but the rumor mill is saying Craftsman is going to Lowes.

The problem is just like someone mentioned before. There are no more Kobalt tapes. The store should replace it without hesitation with a similar tape though.

We do it without question. But keep in mind, we're a business just like most of you are a business.

What are you there for? To make money!

From a Lowes Employee


I'm a contractor and I have only been buying kobalt tape measures! Not any more!

Took my personal 35' tape into Lowe's and the same story the guy in New York went through! I'll go to Sears also from now on! And also changing completely over to the Home Depot for all of my purchases!!! Thanks for nothing Lowe's!!p.s.


Lifetime guarantee should stand for what it says! Don't put it on the package!

@Mad in Ky

They’ve obviously stopped making tapes with the kobalt name. Home Depot did the same thing with their husky brand tapes.

Stanley bought out husky. I took my husky tape back and threw a fit and they finally gave me a Stanley replacement. However stanley at the time didn’t have the magnetic tip like the one I was replacing.

Lowe’s is obviously going through the same type of thing. Probably been losing their butts replacing tapes so they sold their line.

@Mad in Ky

Lifetime guarantees are for manufactures defects. Unfortunately all too many people thing that their ripping the end off the tape is a defect and demand a new one.

That is NOT a defect. It is Damage.

Damage is not covered by the warranty. Too bad consumers can't understand the difference.


Well, if you were "finally given the new tape", how is it you had a "monetary loss" of ten bucks? Sounds like Democrat math.


I used Kobalt 25' magnetic tape measures for years, and never once had an issue with warranty replacement. I was disappointed when Lowe's stopped carrying them. Now using Klein.


First things first---don't even think about buying Craftsman tools anymore. They are not as good as many other brands plus Sears is on the brink and probably won't be around long enough to honor their once-vaunted lifetime replacement.

As for Kobalt, they make some good stuff and it appears you encountered a Lowe's employee who doesn't understand the Kobalt guarantee and/or didn't want to be bothered satisfying a customer. The Kobalt website shows the tape measure guarantee as having a "satisfaction guarantee" and if you need to return it, they say go to where you purchased it.

Kobalt doesn't seem to have an email for you to complain but they do have a telephone number to contact them at: 1-888-356-2258(1-888-3KOBALT). I suggest you give them a call Monday thru Friday 8-5pm EST and complain about their "guarantee." And, of course re-evaluate you buying anything from Lowe's.


The Lowes web site "satisfaction guarantee" states "SATISFACTION GUARANTEE [which is the only warranty that now applies to tape measures] If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return the product to the place of purchase within 90 days. We, at our option, will repair it, replace it, or, based on your method of payment with a valid receipt, refund your money.

At some point, people, you have to understand that a company cannot keep giving away their products forever and remain in business.

Let's be reasonable here. And, by the way, I'm 71, and I cannot count on two hands the number of times I've seen tradesmen bring in beat up, abused tools, particularly power tools, to places like Sears and ask for a new one.


Who replace the kobaly tape measure?


They recently discontinued the Kobalt lifetime tape measures. When I went to return mine they gave me store credit and I found out just how terrible the Stanley FatMax has become.