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Lowes in Kahului, Hawaii - Purchased in store after finding what I wanted on-line and paid more

Bought a fridge (item #186228) after I spent a few hours on Lowe's website and decided on that item, saw it was available in my local store. Went there and directly to the department and simply said I wanted to buy that item. The clerk went to make sure it was there and punched it all in. I then checked-out/paid at the cashier when leaving. Never thought to look at the price until I got home and found that I paid $1,529.10 (before tax) when the price on line was $1,439.10 (no shipping because it was in stock, no extra fees except the same tax). I called my local Lowes and Rita told me "well, if you buy on line you take out the middleman so we can give you a better price". I asked her who the middleman was in this case and she said "well, the sales rep". I told her that I understood what she was saying but couldn't believe she was actually telling me that Lowes considers their employee's "middlemen". I will simply go back and cancel the order/delivery and then order on-line, but probably not from Lowes!
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It's not uncommon at all for brick and mortar stores to have different prices from their web sites. It's up to you to check.

Assume nothing.


That associate was incorrect in her statement about the middleman. Lowes no longer does commission sales in appliances as of a few years ago.

There are certain promotions that are advertised online and not in store. Usually they will match the in-store price to the online price to satisfy the customer.


Buying large scale or more expensive merchandise though a website is asking for problems. In fact, it's the number one reason, indirectly, that people complain about their purchase. Too many problems can exist with a new appliance and trying to facilitate a positive outcome with someone not local creates too many logistical problems.

Although it's not uncommon to find difference pricing between brick and mortar and online, most locations will fix the issue if you bring it to the proper attention of a manager.


Really, she actually said their own employees are the middleman? WTF


Try you will find much better prices, free shipping and no sales tax. Good luck. Tony

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They advertise in-store "guarnteed lowest price"...but they should say "except on our own website"

Lowes in Honolulu, Hawaii - Not enough cashiers /no cooperations

I am a contractor and usually purchase the naterials I need in Lowes Hawaii(Waikele branch)On numerous ocassions the front is usually service by one or if you are lucky enough by two cashiers.Three or four days ago I went to buy somemore materials from the same store and this time the line is again busy The poor lady is asking for help and nobodycame down.I see the lady with a"BUSHY HAIR" setting in one of the chairs in front of the computer.At that time she was not working on the computer.Why can't she come and help the cashier instead of just setting down? As customers we hate seeing employees who don't wanna helpPlease post this in Lowes Waikele
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