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LOWES on YELP IF YOU’RE SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING LOWE’S FOR A RENOVATION PROJECT IN HONOLULU, PLEASE READ THIS FIRST! In the many renovation projects I've been involved with over the years or even discussing them, never have I encountered such levels of incompetence, indifference and outright neglect bordering on dishonesty and dangerous practices, be it NEC code violations, not obtaining permits, or hiring the most incompetent and unskilled (cheap) workers (and I suspect unlicensed) to do the work. As an example, and there are many, after only three weeks, the entire new flooring had to be removed and reinstalled due to buckling as the contractor, contrary to his contractual obligations, and despite his constant lies, never leveled the floors or installed it as per the manufacturer's specs. Electrical work included many NEC code violations, such as not using correct wiring where required, or leaving potentially live wires uncapped and dangling under kitchen cabinets, thus placing the homeowner at risk he was residing on site! Painting was done DURING demolition, and thus dust was painted onto all surfaces; they thought this was OK. Kitchen cabinets were damaged during renovations and installed incorrectly, as was furniture left uncovered rubin pairing (they actually removed the covers the homeowner put on furniture). Moreover, Lowe’s ordered and installed the wrong kitchen cabinets, admitted to this in emails (on record) and yet refused to remedy their error. Ceiling pot lights were haphazardly installed and misaligned despite markings for location; new drywall was badly installed (one corner had to be redone 3 times), and new drywall was repeatedly damaged by electricians; trim was often cut short, wrongly mitered, and caulking was a mess that spilled onto new flooring and left to dry. The list of issues is very long! But no matter the complaint, Lowe's management ALWAYS insisted their trades are expert and competent, even when clear proof to the contrary was literally staring at them during the rare visits by managers. Underpinned by incompetent floor staff in the design center who set up false hopes and lied about their role in the project, the managerial team at Lowe's in Honolulu, be it Will Finster or Nick Kendall (since gone I believe), couldn't give a damn about you or your project, and even less so once they have your money -- which they required up front (Illegal?). AS the clients best friend and who was involved in the project, I feel compelled to share this experience as I have never encountered a less professional group that so willingly displayed the poorest communication skills, all wrapped up in a deep indifference to their customer, and elders man who put his faith Lowe's. Lowe's will promise you the moon, talk a lot about how customer satisfaction is primary, but merely deliver an ulcer and a big mess. Nearly a year later, rather than remedy the situation, Lowe’s simply walked away from the the unfinished project and their contractual obligations knowing full well that litigation would cost the client more than the project's value. Hence, the project remains unfinished, and funds have not been refunded; rather, Lowe's walked away, stating that an insurance adjuster would contact the client, which he did only once initially (must work for Lowe’s). And since, no one has contacted the client despite his repeated efforts to speak to someone. UNBELIEVABLE!! The client is at a stand still, and at 78, has little energy to deal with this incredibly stressful mess brought to him by Lowe's. Stay away from them! I would rate them less than zero if it was possible! DO NOT USE LOWE"S FOR RENOVATION PROJECTS IN HONOLULU, EVER!!!
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OK, I won't. I'll never live in Honolulu either so I guess it's a moot point.

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