Simpsonville, South Carolina

went lowes this morning to get some things priced they started helping me then had to leave when got back this manger told me to go to that dept i have vein problem i really didnt want to walk to back when i told him that a guy had started helping me up here he said i would get true prices from back i slowly walk back there not being to happy about it when i got back there i had to ring for help he came right over took my list i told him i could not walk with him he said ok what really pissed me off is that mgr didnt want to help me no body else was in line this was at coustomer service desk he made me feel like he really didnt want to look up items if get a million dollars i want spend it at lowes cause they are bad to certin customers i also thought all they prices were in computer i guess i am just *** want say i want go back i will think twice before i do

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Godbless you my friend


I seriously doubt that a "manger" can even use a computer. It's an inanimate object. Silly.


Why is it, that people cannot spell, or express themselves in an intelligent manner when posting on this site. No wonder you have problems, when you go into Lowes, you cannot express yourselves.


I agree with the other comment. Also, why should a SELF-SERVICE store have to do everything for your lazy a@@? Quit being a *** and become self sufficient.


I would say from reading your comment, the manager couldn't understand a thing you were saying.

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