Beaverton, Oregon

I Have muching my yard and have spent approx 400.00 dollars on mulch at your Tigard store buying six or seven bags at a time as that is all I can manage in my car.

To day when going to your garden dept I could not find a cart to load the mulch on.

I spotted a young man stocking potted plants in the isle and asked him where I could find a cart to load the mulch on.

His answer was ( They kind of hang out all over ) I asked him if I was to locate one myself he replied ( pretty much )

My eight year old grandson is smarter than that.

I then went to your competition and received help gettin the product and also help loading it into the car.

I really to not see myself spending much time at Lowes in the future.

Wayne Thomas

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That was a vendor you ***, not a store employee. Grow up.


boo hoo. you had to walk to get your own cart.


Home Depot people seem to do a better job of being helpful, and if they don't know the answer, at least they'll call another employee to help. Lowes guys just act retarded.

Also, Lowes website is down or very slow all the time.

I bought some appliances from them..all had chips and scratches all over them. My choice was take a small discount or wait two weeks for another. I took the discount , but would have rather had appliances without chunks missing.

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