Marrero, Louisiana

could the company not find another word or words for customer compliants. Vocabulary should not be so limited and to have to resort to using the slang that i would not use nor allow my childrent ouse.

I am dissapointed in Lowe's. I was not aware this slang was used until I happened on the sight. I was etremly surprised and disappointed with Lowe's and I will have to think about my continuing shopping at Low's.

this l00 word stuff is also insane as a person need not use many words to make a point. You ever came up the the slang word as well as the l00 word limit should rethink both.

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HAHAHAHA are you freakin serious, i think this *** hole rode the short bus to school.


Sounds like the wheel is spinning but the hamster is dead.

Masterton, Wellington, New Zealand #51664

heres a catagory heading, Dumba55es .com you could head up the DUH DUHpartment


hey ***, this isn't a site sponsored or created by Lowe's!!! "Pissed" may not be in your vocabulary because you were raised with manners and intend on raising your children that way, also, but it is in the vocabulary of the English language and frequently used. (btw, your typing and sentence structure need work if you're going to talk) Don't try and pin someone else's casual word usage against a national company that isn't even familiar with this site.

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