Helena, Montana
Not resolved

I special ordered $1000.00 worth of manufactured rock, mortar, etc... & paid to have it delivered.

I had my contractor ready on the day they said it would be delivered. They did not notify me until 7:30 a.m that it wasn't in. My contractor politely accepts this & tries to find other work to fill his suddenly available time. Next delivery date, my contractor is there, I am notified about 8 a.m there will be no delivery.

Contractor pretty upset. They were able to deliver the following Saturday moring. I gave Lowes my son's phone number, arranged to have my son meet them & put in garage. By noon it was still not there.

My son goes to work. They delivered the rock & mortar, dropping it in my driveway, in the rain (which doesn't do mortar any good), and broke one out of every 5 rocks. When trying to report this to a manager, I was tranfered 8 times. The manager I reached really could have cared less.

He said to bring broken rock in, and he would reorder that amount. Wow, another delay.... What could Lowes have done differenlty?

I don't care at this point. They will never get another dime of my money.

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Interesting comments on Helena, Montana Lowes. I recently had a spate of bad experiences with that store and its non-responsive staff.

Seems the manager does not have good control or oversight on staff, esp for coordinating jobs. My projects were delayed for lack of materials and items paid for and to be delivered (contractor picked them up). Poor installation by Lowes contractor and bad fit on cabinetry were some of the biggest issues. Lack of communication, follow through and response by staff and management was particularly irritating.

My advice for anyone considering home installation of anything from Lowes or other big box store is to get someone local who is reputable to do the work. Better yet, go to a local vendor - you'll seem to pay more up front but the frustration and cost savings over screw ups and misfits will be worth it.

Never going to shop there again. - LB


Back in the 1990's we bought many items at Home Depot to rehab fixer house we bought. Pretty satisfied then but have become less thrilled in recent years.

Prices are now much higher as well.

Lowes might be a little cleaner place to shop than Home Depot, but in time all these stores become less desirable. When you can, patronize the smaller businesses or they will close their doors only making things even worse than they already are.

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