on April 21 went to Lowes to purchase 2 storm doors, there were 2 or 3 associates at the computer, no one asked if we needed any help or even looked to see if we need any assistance, I walked to where they were any the only person who acknowledge me was a very nice women, not the younger 2 men!!I asked if someone could help us with 2 doors we wanted, she said she would help, she loaded the 2 doors on our cart and said to mention to someone to help us to our van, again no one said a word, we then loaded the 2 doors and heard some say "didn't they offer to help you" we said no, "no one in this whole lazy place, would offer anything except for you" the same very nice lady who helped us in the first place. This is very poor customer service, maybe the so called men in that store, should take a lesson from the women who work there, sorry but I will go someplace else from now on. a very unhappy former customer

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