Tyler, Texas

Don't ever apply for a position at Lowes in Ruston Louisiana. There Human Resource Manager is a racises againsdt whites.

My son was told he had a position, full time at this store. Over the course of two and a half weeks he was drug tested twice, given a name tag, locker and vest. He reported to work every day at the time this 23 year old kid who was the Human Resource Manager told him to be there, Jacoby is his name, and half the time he was never there. I guess he works only two dasys a week.

After chasing him down, my son was old he did not have a job. The position was given to a black man. I went to the store to speak with Jacoby about what was going on, and was told he was not at work, what else was new. This nice young department manager was kind enough to get in touch with Jacoby

and let me speak with him.

To no avail I still to this day do not have an answer to why the position was never given to my son, but to a black man. Upon leaving the store the nice young man informed me we where the wrong color. "Lowes in Ruston only hires blacks.

" I have done a lot of business at Lowes over the years, and having my own business in Ruston, I will be telling every one never to shop at Lowes again.

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