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Lowes has been quick to downplay the 1700+ terminations by saying they will now hire 10,000 part time employees.. What we have not seen on CNN is how they are now in the process of eliminating thousands of other full time positions in all the stores.

They cut the over-paid useless upper management fat for the better, but now are taking the hard working everyday positions off the floor too. The one thing lowes had over Depot was our customer service.. Well the day has now come.. Lowes corporate has followed Depot's lead in every aspect accept customer service and have now finally given in to the shareholders.

As a dedicated employee for several years, I am deeply saddened. In the last two years corporate has taken a "Be proud to work at Lowes" stance to "consider yourself lucky to have a job" combative approach to their employees. They have systematically taken away all employee incentives and begun a campaign of using their pseudo-fascist "corporate policies" to eliminate fairly paid/qualified staff to replace them with minimum wage part-time dolts. Just like Depot had done over a decade ago which allowed Lowes to become the market share force it is.

Call me dedicated, but I feel truly sorry for our customers this summer. By this summer we will be a home improvement store with 75% part time help that could not help a customer to the restroom muchless help them with a project. Just like home depot.

Somehow I don't see Niblock as "undercover boss" because if he gave one *** about his customers and employees these ridiculous changes would not be taking place. Check the profits.

Lowes is not hurting in this 'recession', they are thriving. The almighty dollar rag is being rung for every cent earned off the blood, sweat and tears of their dedicated employees before they drive us all out to make room for McLowes.

I apologize to all our customers who once believed in us enough to keep me employed. I will soon understand when we bump into eachother while we are both shopping at Menards...

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My husband and I both used to work at Home Depot. The employees there were miserable and constantly fearing for their jobs.

There was an assistant manager who was throwing out a bunch of donations for charities down the dumpster because he didnt want to wait for the guy to come in and pick it up the next day and falsified vendor returns. He fired everyone in receiving who called the Aware Line about it. My husband had to stay home with me when I went to the hospital and they threatened to fire him.

We both moved to Lowes and were delighted. We got a 10% discount on merchandise for starters, but also when my mom was sick, they told me to just call them when I wanted to work so I could take care of my mom.

Lowes has been amazing and gracious to me. Im very proud to have worked there.


when i was running the show things were much better. sorry i retired, niblock blows




100% agree with y'all. I was a 11+ year p/t with lowes until today(4/15/2011) I was terminated because i "dared" to question why my schedule was ALWAYS being screwed with by our h/r 'lady'.After MANY compiments by customers over my time there they fired me because i question their "management". ( who by the way is having an affair with the store manager.)


As an almost 7 year vet of the Home Depot I have to disagree with you "I See" the big difference between Lowe's and Home Depot is that Home Depot cares about there customers. We take the time to learn about there projects and get them everything they will need to complete the job the first time.

We also are involved in our community helping where ever and whenever we can. My husband was employed by Lowe's for 3 years, he was one of there top ranking sales specialists in outdoor power and he was threatened with termination if he would not step down from the sales specialist position when our daughter got gravely ill. Not only did they take the $1.00 more an hour he got when he was promoted to sales specialist they took 15% of his hourly wage.

I believe in the company I work for and the values we stand on. Maybe some of the full time Lowe's employees will come to home depot and learn what customer service is really all about.


kman5150 is right 100%. I was employed and truly dedicated to Lowe's for 4 years. I went there because Home Depot was going thru the same type of "reorganization" a few years back.I was a top performing Sales Specialist in cabinets in both companies and was terminated for not meeting Lowe's new standards.I was brought into a storage room and was asked for my cell phone and any other recording device I had so nothing that was being done to me could be recorded.


This is nothing new for Lowes. Part-timers and temps are like this.

One full timer is equal to two part-timers, thus two bodies for one. Like this, 100 full timers on payroll or 50 full timers and 100 part-timers. That way there is 50 more bodies on payroll. That is the Lowes way.

Temps and seasonal can work 40 hours but no benefits. Part-time is limited to 30 hours and some benefits. When time to let seasonal and temps go, Lowes reduce their hours to 10 hours a week and most of them quit. Full time is 39 hours and full benefits.

How do I know this? I am a Lowes former employee. Kman5150 is right.

It is all about money. The employee means nothing and Lowes and Home Depot only care about what is in the customer's wallet.


That's why they have so many *** customers complaining about every little thing they can think about to their corporate think tanks. They don't seem to be in the real world at all. So much for Lowe's future in retail.