Tukwila, Washington
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Not happy with Lowe installers for rug in bedroom..

they cancelled the installation 2 times and finally came 3rd appt..

Installers sort of uncivilized, no time to talk and apologize for two appts change for the installation. I had taken the days for that purpose to be home.. In fact installers avoided talk at all.. even greeting. One came to door and other stayed out in driveway, I came out .. He did not greet me like normal person.

They did a sort of a rush job with the carpet, just apology for canceling two days installment, would have been appropriate, as well as introducing themselves...

Lowe does not use civilized appropriate workers as far as I can see.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Carpet Installation.

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The people doing the actually installation of your carpet may have no idea that your installation had been delayed. They just go out to the jobs the scheduler has them set up for when they show up to work in the morning. Many of the installers aren't fluent in English and wouldn't feel comfortable striking up a conversation with you.