Bakersfield, California

My husband works for Lowe's and is now seeking new employment due to lack of appreciation for what he's done and wants to become. He recently applied for numerous Asst.

Manager position and have been denied the last 3 times. Well the 3 times he has been denied is to hire someone outside the company. I just recently went into his store to perform a mystery shop. I was looking for and Asst Manager.

I did find one and proceeded to ask him for assistance in having my floor installed. I asked him to please set me up with a measure fee. He had to call another assc mind you someone who is getting paid less and knows more. He then told me he was still new to Lowes.

I did ask the assc. who helped me how long has that manager been in position and shockingly they said year and a half. Wow!!!!! Then proceeded to observe flooring dept and my god can you say Walmart.

Clutter, mess, open boxes, overstocked topstock, carpet rolls put in wrong, nothing was labeled to verify what product was. By far the worst environment ive been in, in a long time. I will never let anyone know my husband works there. No wonder they never see a million dollar week.

Lowes needs to hire within, people who know the business. When its this bad it makes you wonder who's doing the hiring. I used to work for Lowe's and back 10 years ago Lowe's was booming and now they declining.

Their service is by far the worse. Anyone can look at a piece of paper and figure numbers out, but it takes a real manager to help the customer to the fullest.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Get rid of moron managers.

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You sound like a wife who is lashing out because Lowe's didn't promote your husband. Lowe's is very fair in their hiring and interviewing process.

What your husband needs to do is learn from these experiences and ask the store manager where he interviewed what he needs to improve on. Have him ask his HR for a copy of the interview questions so he can write down his answers and practice them with you and in front of a mirror. I've been with Lowe's for over 8 years and regardless of what you say, this company is growing not declining.

I've been a DM for over 5 years and I have used my experience in the couple of interviews I have had to learn how I need to answer the questions. Calm down and help your husband succeed by being his cheerleader not bashing the store where he works!!


Sorry...I agree with her. I've been with Lowes for ten years and have watched my store go slowly downhill.

We have very customer focused employees at my store but instead of promoting from within they hire outsiders who don't know the business and only last a short time.

The good upper management leave and the replacements couldn't care less about the hourly associates. I could go on and on but those of us that know how bad its getting don't need to hear it and those of you who don't know wouldn't believe me anyways


Sorry but you are only coming from one perspective. I have worked for Lowe's and I can yell Wal-Mart.

She probably heard all the stories of his work ethic and dedication being ignored.

I work the front end and oversee the cashiers and I have no idea how some of them were hired. Unprofessional, ghetto, and vulgar. All in front of customers.

I hate going into Wal-Mart and feel as though I got a job in the hardware version of it.

I work my tail off everyday running around and doing my job, while some don't. But of course I'm just bitter? Not at all. I have worked in places that acknowledge ambition.

Lowe's is so much more concerned with a racism lawsuit they can't get the balls to get the trash out of the store.

And we need to punch our HR for hiring them in the first place.