there was a deckbox on sale that I was interested in. Went to the garden section, and the associates indicated it was sold out. asked if there was some sort of rain check, and both associates indicated no. So I left the area, then went to another department, asked them the exact same thing. This associate was very patient, and indicated we can buy it now, and pick it up later.

So we went to customer service, asked for this, and they refused, and said the associate was mistaken. I asked to have him called over, and sure enough he was right. This took about 1 hour!!! there were at least 5 people at the customer service area, and all were chit chatting, and could of cared less if I was waiting or not.

It was if I was a bother to them. After this experience i will no longer shop at this store. The competitor's such as Rona/Home Depot appreciate my business, and are very welcoming.

Good luck Lowes. Feels as if the associates are bitter for having to work.

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