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Several weeks ago I went on-line to find a shower enclosure and door for my spare bathroom.

The website gave me a two week delivery time, but then went to the store as sometimes the websites are not updated. I spoke to a salesperson in plumbing who told me that the unit is sold as a 4 piece assembly, but also as individual pieces. I asked the salesperson if she could double check for me. I was told I needed to do that myself. After much discussion, she finally agreed to walk around to find them. Parts were in stock, and I placed an order and paid for all 4 pieces and a shower door. Then it all went from bad to worse. Went home and read reviews on the shower door and they were horrible, so I went to the store to cancel it and get another one. At 5:30 on a Saturday night, I was told that there were no salespeople to help me, because they all left a 5:00, and I should come back the next day!

Came back the next day to cancel the shower door, and was told that I couldn’t cancel the door, until it was picked for delivery (how dumb is that). I found a shower door I liked, but the door was not in stock in the store a mile from my house, but was in stock in a store 35 miles away. AND, they don’t do store to store transfers. So I could either, order the door online and hope that they would pull the door before someone else ordered it (they only showed 2 in stock) or drive 35 miles to the store and then pay an $85 or more delivery charge.

My solution , which is what I should have done in the first place, was go across the street and order a beautiful door from Home Depot. Customer service could not have been better. I carried the small pieces home, and made arrangements for the door to be picked.

When my contractor went to Home Depot to pick up the door a week later, it was right up front waiting for him. A sales associate helped carry it to the van. Total time approximately 10-15 minutes.

He then went to Lowes, and waited over an hour for someone to actually find the four pieces, then find someone to pull them from the back of the store and carry them to the van. Halfway through the install, he discovered that they gave him the wrong side panels. So back to Lowes, carrying the wrong panels, getting a refund from rude, non-caring, customer service personal, finding a sales associate to find the right pieces, and paying for the correct parts to yet another rude, and uncaring cashier.

I am done with Lowes; I will never shop in the store again. I have cut up my credit card and in the future will do all my shopping at Home Depot .No wonder Lowes store is always empty. At Home Depot you are lucky to find a parking space. Regards,

A new and loyal Home Depot customer

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Yeah Lowe's vs Home Depot is *** people. They both suck equally. Sometimes one or the other luck out.


These Lowe’s vs. Home Depot - Home Depot vs. Lowe’s complaints are so contrived.

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