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I did like Lowes, I shop there in the morning before i come to work and " i spend money " Lowes use to brighten my day in the plant department which by the way your prices are overboard lately. Hellooo we are in a recession here!

But that is a whole other issue, let me not get off track about my complaint thank you. Your employees have a horrible attitude at the registers. I know we are in a recession but girls please its not that bad. Your attitudes in customer service really needs a reality check.

It is not my fault those self help registers do not work properly. Sorry iam interupting your chit-chat with your co-workers and forcing you from your important conversation with your co-worker so you can assist me at the register that is not working properly. Hey! its not my fault those self help registers arent working.- Tell your boss to fix the self help registers so they work properly so we dont have to bother for your assistance which is horrifying !Please do keep in mind thats why Lowes is paying you in the first place.

You are getting paid to do that position! How dare you make me feel offended cause you do not like your job which your attitude clearly states that iam bothering you. If its that bad for you, quit your job and give it to someone else who will appreciate it ! There is a lot of job loss out there or have you not noticed.

I didnt get the employees name, but clearly you are expecting with child soon, if it is to much for you i suggest you go home and take the weight off your tired legs if you cant handle being pregnant and working at the same time, but then again Lowes is paying you to assist me and everyone else that spends there money. Your attitude alone will force me to go elsewhere and shop.

Lord knows you all do need my money during this harsh times that have fallen upon us...Mmmm Home Depot here i least the employees have a better customer relationship with me as they smile and assist me without an attitude...Hey Lowes Corporate are you reading this ? I hope so in this economy you cant afford to loose good paying customers like me...Ahhhh to late now...

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your totally right. but dude, if she doesnt care about doing her job im pretty sure she doesnt give a *** that ur going to home depot :zzz she would probly take you there herself haha


I just found this site and I can't stop lol, lol, lol. I can't understand how people get there wires crossed so fast and don't neven understand what they are reading.

This is just to much. I agree with Mbrooks, why? Because Customer Service is the root of all business and the return of business. I find it funny that a employee would be reading anything on this site, unless!

That employee has a customer service problem and has been wrote up. I can't understand why there isn't any other complaints posted here about this Company? Maybe no one knows? I didn't.

So Mbrooks, have you written a letter to the Company or the store manager?

You should try that and see if things don't change. Maybe set them up to full and record the actions as records.


I highly doubt you are going to break the bank for them. I work at home depot but its all the same.

for every p i s s e d customer theres 10 happy ones, how much did you spend there a year?

some of the contractors i service spend between 100-200 thousand $ a year. your measly grand won't hurt.


Tell him @ lowesceo(dot)com :cry


Thank you for your comments. However, The issue i wrote was not about the survival of Lowes, I'am happy Lowes is surviving in these harsh times, Lowes is a great store, but it also takes great employees to make the customer return with exceptional service. My issue is the lack of customer service at the cash registers that need to be looked into.


I agree with you that some of the self check out register cashiers should pay attention to the customers more. Some of the girls at my old store would stare off into space and think about things or talk to only the cute guys.

Mbrooke, I got on to them for you. I have made a lot of cashiers mad in my days at that store for enforcing the Lowe's policy of customer focus.

You are not entirely correct about one thing though. Lowe's is surviving the recession.

Lowe's is one of the top Fortune 500 companies that are hiring people, rather than laying people off. My current store can't hire enough people. Lowe's is taking in any one that they can get.

It seems like the first 20 people that apply for a job are getting it. I could be wrong about that though, I don't see the hiring process.