Milford, Connecticut

I have only purchased products twice from Lowes and I should have known from my first experience to never do it again but I gave them the benefit of the doubt. Wont happen again.

The first time I ordered to the store a mirror. I got an email confirmation stating the product arrived instore and was ready for pick-up. I drove 35 min to the store and they explained it wasnt actually there. This was after waiting 30 min for them to "find it".

Told me they could order another but would take a week. After a week they told me another week. I cancelled my order at that point. On to my second experience.

Ordered a light online to my house. Told me 2 weeks for delivery. Product never showed up.

Then when I called them to find out where my product was I had to sit on hold for 15 min. Will NEVER shop here again

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Terrible customer service if anything ever goes wrong. Bought a fridge there and the first one never worked and needed to be replaced immediately, and its replacement broke in less than a year.

Lowe's staff at both Milford store and corporate office gave me conflicting info, would not return calls in a timely manner. Confirmed a repair appointment this week but no one ever showed up and no one followed up. One week later, rotten food in broken fridge and no ETA from Lowe's on when we can expect someone to look at it. And apparently I will need to have the fridge looked at by a repair company THREE MORE TIMES before they can give me a new unit - keep in mind that it has already been looked at twice already!

Pretty sure three more visits will be a waste of everyone's time as this fridge is obviously a lemon!! Buy from Home Depot or local business.

Lowe's staff at Milford is useless and do not care about customers' issues. :(

Dayton, Ohio, United States #655852

After hearing all the complaints I will not even go to any Lowes stores,If all the complaints are true Lowes should be put out of business.Lowes keep your junk in China.

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