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I have never been so dissatisfied with a vendor until my experience with Lowe’s this week. It was so bad that I canceled my elderly parents refrigerator after four days of not showing up, when they promise next day delivery, and went with famous Tate.

Their delivery service called XPO is awful!!! I was on hold 30 plus min 5 to 6 times the past 3 days trying to find out where my delivery was only to find out that there was not going to be any delivery after being promised a window of time for several days. I will never set foot in a Lowe’s store again!

Home Depot has all my business going forward. I don’t even want to give a one star rating because they don’t even deserve that.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Lowes Pros: Unbelievably confusing and disorganized.

Lowes Cons: How my order was handled, No consideration or respect whatsoever, Dont care about you once they have your money.

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Guess what...the same delivery contractors work for both Lowe's and Home Depot


How does Home Depot get involved here? If you are going to Home Depot why didn't you go there for the refrigerator?

Just a bunch of hot air claiming to go to Home Depot. Just look at Home Depots complaint and how many people are there "claiming" to go to Lowes in the future.


I did go to Home Depot first 'cause I am always satisfied with their products and customer service. However, I figured I try Lowe's as I normally to there for smaller items but did not purchase a refrigerator' cause they stated they had a 5-day delivery time.