We paid a lot of money to Lowes to have wooden fence installed. Their installers, from 75 miles away, showed up three hours late with a nail gun and an electric chainsaw.

They eyeballed and lopped off the posts with the chainsaw. They pulled the old posts and left the yard uneven when they concreted the new ones in. They started installing the fence 6" high with a big gap at the bottom, because - the ground was uneven! When we asked them to fix it they said they don't touch the dirt.

Unbelievable! Don't go to Lowes for fence installation!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

  • Fence from Lowes
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Wish I had seen these posts before I had install our fence at our new house. Took them almost 5 months to finish and it looks like a child put it up!! I used my lowes card and got 6 months interest free...what a joke when they charged me in April but didn't complete the crappie job until the end of August!!


Good to know, as I had an estimate for a fence given to me last week which was EXORBITANT! This helps significantly. ,)