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The Lowes in Castle Rock Colorado should be a case study in poor customer service.

We went in on a quiet weeknight and purchased a dishwasher. We purchased installation service. We were told we would receive a call the next day from a schedular to set up installation.

Two days later we get a call saying we will get a cal from the installer on when they would come.

Three days later, we call Lowes to say no one has called to actually schedule.

The next day we get a call. My husband answered. The person on the line says "yeah, I got a text saying to call this number."

Really? REALLY? No, hello I'm calling about your install? No name offered?

Well, we establish why he called and he tells us he will call back later or the next morning to, and this is a quote "when I can come by".

I now feel like they think they are doing a favor not providing a service we paid for.

And of course he didn't call until two days later - a Sunday.

He says he will be by Monday between three and five.

At quarter till five he called and said he was running at least 1/2 behind.

My husband declined his services. He then called Lowes and was issued a refund.

But does the fun stop? Of course not.

I get an email of the refund receipt and low and behold, they didn't issue a full refund. They skipped right over an entire item. Now why the person performing the task couldn't take a moment to notice the totals were different is beyond me. Other than attention to detail and basic math skills seem to be as poor as the customer service.

So I call on a Tuesday late morning. The gal answering listens to my problem and says she will call me back in 20 minutes because she has 3 customers. Why? Why did you answer the phone?

No, they never called back.

I call back on my drive home. The exchange is going so badly I actually arrive at the store to expedite a refund.

As I walked to the customer service desk, the man working there...walked away. He stood for several minutes talking to 2 other co-workers.

So I called the store.

When the phone rang he trotted over to the desk bi hung up and reminded him we just spoke on the phone.

He took 5 minutes but I got the refund.

It wasn't a lot, but absolutely would Lowes get one penny from me. Not now: not ever.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Dishwasher Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Lowes Cons: Customer service, Worst delivery experience.

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