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Went to Lowe's in Plainville, Ma and designed remodeled kitchen. They sent out someone to measure twice.

Ordered cabinets in July, supposed to be completed by Oct. Kept coming up with excuses after Oct for not receiving - when finally arrived had to be sent back - some cabinets 3 or four times before correct. When installed they had measured wrong and blamed it on us. Finally got them all installed in April.

Had to go through 6+ months without kitchen(holidays), since we had gutted it for Oct. delivery. contacted corporate headquarters, they would look into it - (we had paid up front $30,000 and signed contract in July that it would go to arbitration if need be.) Contacted No. Caroline better business bureau - they couldn't get anywhere with Lowe's either.

Our only option was to sue - instead we just got someone else to complete the kitchen and continue to tell everyone we know what a lousy company Lowe's is. It was an expensive and nerve-wracking experience but will never set foot in a Lowe's again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Kitchen Remodeling.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Let Lowe’s feel the pain on at a store level call Lowe's corporate Customer 1 800 445-6937. It will force the store manager to fill out report and also call you with in 24 hrs. Let Lowe’s corporate feel you pain and poor service Fill out complaint with the state, Attorney General's Office and Consumer Complaint and Consumer-Affairs Copy the same answer to Attorney General's Office | Consumer Complaint Massachusetts Attorney General's Office | Consumer Complaint


Homeowners go to these big box stores all the time and do what you did---contract with them to purchase and have installed cabinets, etc. The problem is that you are never assured the people at Lowe's know what they are doing or whether their measurements are accurate.

Then, Lowe's subcontracts with who-knows-who to actually install the cabinets. When things go wrong, you have to complain to Lowe's and go thru many different people in order to try and fix the problem(s).

Best to avoid big box stores and go directly to a small cabinet retailer who has their own installers or find a local building contractor who does this kind of work. And, of course never pay in full before work starts and always hold back at least 50% of the cost until the work is completed to your satisfaction.