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The first time I have dealt with the incompetence of the Farrington Road Lowes. I had just returned a product that was defective and had around $30 on a gift card. After picking out several items one of the items was a bundle of 10 half-inch PVC pipe. The bundle price was 10% off if you buy 10 that is why I bought a bundle. She rang me up for 10 bundles instead of one bundle of 10 individual pipes. I gave her my gift card and then she told me the total was $110.60 I thought she said $10.60 plus the gift card I had already given her so I gave her $10.60 she put that into the register and stared at me and then she says you still owe another hundred dollars. She argued with me for about 10-15 minutes explaining that she rang up everything properly and my total was $110.60 After I finally got it into her head that she charged me for 10 bundles instead of one bundle , she could not figure out how to make the order price correct. So she calls over a manager. I waited over 15 minutes for a manager to arrive and as I watched her walking up it was like she didn't care at all she had no sense of urgency whatsoever and was quite possibly one of the slowest walks to help a customer that I have ever seen. She went back-and-forth with the computer and gave me a total I paid the difference and when I went to leave I realize she did not give me a receipt. She's then says Sir I can't give you receipt you will have to go to the front desk. So I went to the front desk I stood in line and waited and waited and finally someone ask me what my problem was I told her the situation and then she called for the same lady I had been talking to. Very slowly she took her sweet time as I spent another 10 minutes waiting for that woman to come to the service desk and then to work out a way to get me a receipt that took another 15 minutes. It took me about one hour extra out of my life when I was in a hurry, to purchase $40 worth of items at your store. I stopped at Lowe's because it is about 3 miles closer than Home Depot which would've took me about 10 minutes more to get there. What a bad decision that was!

Bad service part two

I pulled up two carts with various items. The cashier starts to ring up my items she rang up a 3 x 4 x 8 landscape timber that I knew should be around the four dollar range in price but when she rang it up it was $17.66. Now bare in mind my girlfriend works midnights and I am on a time limit. I wanted to get these items quickly so so she could sleep before work. And I can get my project finished during the days that she works. And I thought to myself if I go to Lowe's it's a little closer and what are the odds of lowes ringing me up the wrong price and taking forever wasting my valuable time again. I sprinted around store to gather the items that I needed only to sit there and argue with your staff again. I Asked a cashier to call somebody about the price of the landscape timbers so she called somebody up. The person came up from lawn and garden and looked on the computer and said the price of each one was $17.66 I then told him that that was wrong I've never paid over four dollars for this item. I have purchased those there before and I knew exactly where they were at and what price they should be. The person told me he can't set the prices and he didn't know how to help me. I told him that was very offensive to charge me $17.66 for $3.49 item. I told him I would just go to Home Depot and get a fair price he then responded with (do what you have to do). At this point I was aggravated because this was not the first time they have wasted my time by trying to overcharge me on items and dealing with cashiers that were clueless. So I thought I'll get on my iPhone and see what Home Depot charges for the same exact item.

So I went back into the store to find the man that was rude to me and acted like I was some *** for not wanting to get ripped off. I wanted to show him the price that the landscape timbers were supposed to be. He was standing talking to a man who I found out later to be the store manager Mike. I could tell the first man was explaining my story to Mike and they both look like they were grinning like I was just another wacko customer. I showed the man the exact item on the Home Depot website that said $3.49 and I said this is why it is offensive to charge 17.66. As I walked away Mike the store manager called me and asked me if there was something wrong and the other man said this is the guy I was just telling you about. I showed the price on my iPhone of $3.49 for the same exact landscape timber I tried to buy at your store. I tried to tell him my part of the story but he kept cutting me off so when I tried to explain to him more he cut me off again that is when he told me sir I'm trying to correct this problem you need to calm down I had every right to be frustrated (as the manager could care less) pretending to be nice as pie when he was the one that was cutting me off every time I tried to say a word. Then I told him that I thought it was offensive to try to charge somebody $17.66 for $3.46 item I showed him my iPhone with the item on it showing the price. He then told me I think it's rude when a customer shoves a phone in my face. The phone was at least a foot from his face and I was trying to show him the discrepancy. And since when is it offensive to show somebody something on a cell phone. He then pointed to a man who he said was looking into why the price was so off. I looked at the man who was supposed to be fixing my problem he was in the paint department and had about five people in line to service. By this time I looked and they had already drug my cart's away and put up all the items I had. So I was supposed to wait around while Waiting for somebody service a line of customers and then finally would able to deal with my issue, while the store manager just stood around. Not only was I supposed to wait for this person to clear out all of his customers before dealing with me I was supposed to gather all of my items again. Wouldn't the store manager himself have the authority to go to a computer and fix this problem himself. He did not do that , he told someone else to do it while he stood there telling me about how great his customer service has been towards me and that I am just refusing to except his help. But he himself did not want to help me he wanted to stand there wasting my time. When I told him I had no more time to stay there ( I truly had to leave so my girlfriend could take a nap before working the midnight shift) and that I would not be coming back to Lowe's ever again he said whatever and I left.

The manager was rude but saying he was giving me excellent customer surface at the same time ( i'm sure that was done to prevent other customers who could hear the conversation from thinking Lowes was in the wrong and I was just some irate whack job customer that would not except they're extremely good customer service) the staff was incompetent and slow no one seem to have any sense of urgency , and I have been in several positions of management before. This has happened the last two times I came to that store. It has been months since I purchased anything from that Lowes and I will never shop at Lowe's ever again.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $43.

Preferred solution: Never go there again. Rip up my lowes card. .

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Thank the Lord we do not have to deal with you anymore. You are welcome Home Depot and Menards. Enjoy dealing with this piece of *** Roflololol!