Randolph, New Jersey
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I will start off saying that every single time I go to Lowes in Mount Olive NJ employees are helpless and and not very smart at all. I recently ordered carpet which clearly shows taxes were applied in the paperwork (which took me 20 minutes just to find someone in the flooring dept) the lady at the flooring department then told me to bring the paperwork to the cashier which they charged me taxes again!!!

I tried to explain to the cashier to look at the breakdown which showed taxes are already applied and she double taxed me! The employees are not smart at all, very rude, and very lazy!!!

This was my last straw, I will never shop at any lowes because of the service there! Home depot has much better service!

Monetary Loss: $211.

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Walnut Creek, California, United States #599132

You are that angry over a cash register/paperwork mistake that was obviously fixed since you didn't mention that it wasn't??? Come on now, simmer down.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #585992

You open by claiming the employees at Lowe's are "helpless and ..not very smart at all." But, you still purchased something there???

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