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First let me say that the designer I worked with (Jack) for my kitchen renovation was exceptional: patient, knowledgeable, and detail oriented. The problem was the installation manager (Nigel) who refused to do the installation because (1) my 6-yr old pre-existing cabinets (Kraftmaid) "might" not be the same color as the new cabinets and I "might" not be satisfied, and (2) his installers "might" destroy something taking it down or putting it up and "who would pay for it?" First, we added cabinets 3 years ago and there was no problem with the colors, why would there be one now?

And if I accept that risk, where does Nigel get off telling me what I "might" not be happy with it so he won't do it? If you're that concerned that we're that picky, check our order from 3 years ago; you'll see we had nothing but praise. And, second, if his people destroy something, who do you THINK would pay for it? Are you really going to turn down $20,000 worth of business because your installers might break a $300 piece?

Hire better people if you have that kind of concern.

I'm sure Lowes has had problems with other customers to be so eager to turn down business, but treating all customers as if they were brainless is going to kill its client base. It's certainly soured our relationship with them.

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I'd be hesitant to take on your job as well. It's amazing how people will swear up and down that the match is perfect until the product comes in and gets installed.

Then it's nothing but a bunch of complaining and wanting discounts or even full credit because they didn't match the originals. In the future do the whole job at one time. If you decide to add on later, replace the whole thing, not just a part.

It's a fact of nature that the colors in wood will shift over time. Even if you bought cabinets from the same manufacturer in the same color the new cabinets will not look the same as the 6 year old cabinets.


I'd be hesitant to have you take the job, too, if you haven't figured out that the whole issue is resolved with a simple waiver. Lowes doesn't even offer one.

Home Depot, on the other hand, when through the entire caveat emptor problem with stains+time (again) and then got my signature that THAT would not be a problem they could fix. Problem solved: cabinets are on the way. Oh, and here's another feather in the cap of Home Depot, the price (for exactly the same cabinets) was considerably less than at Lowes.

I completely agree with you on one point, though, that the adage "the customer is always right" has been outrageously abused.

We have turned into a society that expects something grandiose for virtually nothing, and merchants and service people alike are paying for it. Something to keep in mind, though, is that the backlash falls on the rest of us consumers, too.