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8 items ordered- everyone of them delayed...I was stood up three times on delivery, but I couldn’t actually tell what they were delivering because their automated msg does not give an order number. No call and no show three times...4th time is a charm right!

Nope! Delivery made and Vanity was severely damaged so I was forced to send back! One of the items was a stove but Lowe’s waited about a month to call and tell me they could not deliver and I would have to re-order! The delivery processes are broken and they have zero support!

None of them know what the other hand is doing! Their complaint email box was full- that should tell you something.

Our house flooded in Hurricane Harvey and dealing with Lowe’s was worse than the Hurticane itself! Rude personnel almost every time...most horrific consumer experience EVER!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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i guess you are the only person that was effected by hurricane Harvey then? And they should forget about anyone else and do your deliveries?

Maybe they are a little overwhelmed with deliveries because of a hurricane? Don't really know, just guessing.


Same problems here with delivery. New computer operating system is the problem but lowes to too big to listen to us


Nightmare, pure and simple.


" I would have to re-order "

I'd re-order ; from someone else.

This time, try a local small business where you can see what you are buying and will usually cheerfully and effectively as is possible resolve any other issues.

Perhaps you should have specified : " no partial shipments accepted "

I just don't like those giant stores with the 800 numbers and faceless websites.

Their retail prices may be slightly lower at the outset but you'll always end up getting what you pay for. "Pay peanuts - get monkeys"