Bakersfield, California

DO NOT shop at Lowe's. After PURCHASING two items, with receipt, in hand, I was nearly accosted by a Lowe's employee who was working in the garden & patio section. He stated he was a security guard and an "off duty cop" which were both not true. He took my PURCHASED items and receipt from me without asking permission then proceeded to tell me he had the right to detain me and take me to the back. He then told me I'd have to drop my attitude or he'd drop me.

I took my PURCHASED items back from him and walked back to my new black RANGE ROVER that was parked directly in front of garden & patio. The Lowe's employee was yelling at me saying he was, in fact, a security guard.

I spoke to a low level store manager and nothing was done about the matter, Furthermore, the store manager said that sort of business practice was condoned and supported at Lowe's.

There is a reason for the name Lowe's. LOW customer service, LOW ethical treatment of the public. LOW regard for the law. LOW courtesy shown towards PAYING customers. Lowe's Bakersfield Rosedale location is defines death of customer service.

Consumers should not have to worry about their safety when they walk into a store.

The Lowe's Bakersfield Rosedale location needs great corporate oversight and an complete restructuring of its management.

The Bakersfield Police, KC Sheriffs and California Highway patrol have an interest in knowing all the facts about the LOWE'S employee posturing like a peace officer.

If you have a problem at Lowe's Bakersfield Rosedale location then do not expect the problem to be remedied by store management.

My experience at Lowe's was one of hostility, bodily threats and a rogue employee taken on duties that had not been assigned to him i.e. security, interrogations, and so on.

With the high concentration of big box stores in that area of Bakersfield then the consumer has many choices other than Lowe's.

Shop at Home Depot as they're located right across the street.

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:cry Oh please cry me a river....This story sounds made up and written by either a fool or *** artist. I ALWAYS get great customer service there and someone is always asking me if I need help.

Home Depot is the worst, you can never find anyone to help you and it's always a ghost town there. If I were that employee I would of dropped you on your a#%.