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Went to Lowes to replace water heater that would not stay on. Measured my existing to get exact replacement.

Went to store with web site from store with models that would work. Was directed to everything but what I had listed, then informed I needed a "detail" from installer which I had to fork over 35 dollars for. Had them come out, then they would not quote me an install, but a total cost, even though I had never selected the heater. They said they would call the store, and the store would call me...none of this happened.

I went back to the store, and was informed the person was not there, but would be in at 8:00 (am) went and got breakfast, went back to stoe, was told they would be in at 10:00. Went back at 10, and they said they were supposed to be in at 2:00 (pm) the person there then informed me that they were not supposed to be working in "their" department, but they would help me. Then they told me a price. I ask them did I not have the right to choose a model, and they got indignant with me.

(must of had a surplus of discount models they push onto everyone they can.

The store has posted 240.00 install fee, but the detailer said they need to take that down, because he never charging that small amount. Total Scam!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Just people not following through with their job. In the first part of your complaint, you act as if you were going there to replace it yourself, then you said ok to a detail.

Which is it? We replaced our water heater, they asked if we wanted a detail, we said no because we were installing it ourselves.

So, you had a choice to say no.