Bayside, New York
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I purchased a40 tall hot water tank, when the subcontractor came to install the hot water tank they brought a short and proceeded to tell my wife a tall would not fit, when my wife explained that we ordered a tall and that is what we had they still explained it would not fit, not saying they did not even have the tall on the truck. Bait and switch, I would not recommend LOWES nor trust the subcontractors.

We paid extra for a local plumber and they stated they cloud install the tall with no additional work, and stated our ceiling is 8'6".

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When I bought a 40 gallon hot water tank I paid $341 for the installation. Then when the installer came to the house he informed me I needed to pay an additional $369 in order to bring the tank up to "code" bringing the total up to $710.

I called the installation office at the Lowe's and told them that these surprise costs where wrong. I was told by the install office that the Diamond Co. charges $2500 to install a hot water tank so our prices were fair. I also had a toilet install the same day and the toilet tank wobbles back and forth.

When I pointed this out to the installer he told me to "be careful" and put a piece of styrofoam behind the tank. When I complained to install office about this I was told that the reason it wobbled was because the tank wasn't resting against the wall ?? From this time on I will not trust Lowe's installation and will never do business with any installer sent by Lowe's.

I really feel that I should have gone on Service Magic and gotten bids for the installation. The worst part of my working with Lowe's is feeling as if I have been taken advantage of and the regret that I trusted their company.

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