Dallas, Texas

The Veterans have a right to be upset by the selling of this Doormat that resembles the American Flag. Even if it is not an exactly like our Flag, it still has enough design elements to be recognized as made to look like our Flag.

This is disrestful of the Flag of this country and all the veterans who have fought for our freedoms. My Dad was a World War I Vet; my Brother....War War 11, and his son, Viet Nam.

I will no longer shop at Lowes. I have already boycotted Home Depot because of their stand for the homosexuals; now I will boycott Lowes for their desrespect of our Flag.

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Where can I buy an american flag doormat?. I have a mentally disturbed flag Nazi neighbor.

I want to wipe my feet on this flag. I'd wipe my *** too but I can't find flag toilette paper.


Did you see the doormats? they are not the flag itself but cute patriotic patterns. Stop posting unresearched *** ont he internet you homophobic ***.


Lowes does not cater to "trash", that would be Home Depot...go apologize for your homophobic remarks to them...so you have a place to steal.....


OK as far as American Flag Clothing and etc. OK!

But as far as a Doormat to Wipe Your Dirty Feet On? NO WAY!

As far as homosexuality go. . .

. I say to You "What Part of Sodom & Gomorrah DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND"?


yes way!!!! Wipe yr dirty feet and *** with any flag you like. *** flag Nazi!!!


What's funny is that your intolerance is exactly what's wrong with this country. Thank God it is moving away from the bigotry that you display.

Have fun fighting the uphill battle. Here's a hint: you lose.


what part of the destroyed cities won?


Might want to do a wee bit more research. Those cities were destroyed for trampling on the poor and lack of hospitality.

Like your lack of hospitality toward *** persons. P. S.: It's not about winning or losing. It's about God's love for ALL of humanity, including you.

That's the underlying message of the WHOLE of Scripture. Hint: The Sodom and Gomorrah story is not the WHOLE of Scripture.


You are welcome to your opinions as a Veteran no matter if the homo's do not like it or not. Maybe the snotty nose imps of this country will figure that out when they have to learn their new national language, Chinese.

Perhaps Lowes could sell an Arab nation flag.

That would be a big seller and made in China. I would gladly wipe my mud on it.


Lowes isn't the only business to sell things that look like a flag. There are clothes, tablecloths, towels, and on and on that are made to look like flags.

From different things I have heard it isn't even proper to have t-shirts and caps with a flag motif on them. It seems like the same might apply to the flag patches that that different police departments, etc.

You might as well get off your high horse about Lowes selling the door mats, unless you are going to take on every manufacturer that uses the flag motif improperly.


Ha ha..........You nasty old hag,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,You can go f#### yourself,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, :cry :p :cry


You sound like a homphobioc ***. I am sure Lowes and Home depot will miss you. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!