Kitchener, Ontario
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I looked forward to Lowes taking over the local Rona because I thought it would mean better service and a higher level of staffing. I was wrong. While there are some good staff, most seem to be indifferent and and offer limited expertise.

I expected to pay for better service but have found pricing to be ridiculous. The USA style of marketing means high prices for small items and a rash of sales gimmicks that are intended to mystify and confuse. I prefer honest and fair pricing on a regular basis.

We hired arranged a renovation through Lowes and, despite being promised a top quality job by a Brian Baeumler approved contractor, we have been very disappointed. The store rep helped remedy some of our concerns but each time we look at the work, we get more upset.

The reorganization of the store is confusing. It's hard to understand how the location of items was decided. One staff member suggested that the store is arranged to get customers to walk around searching. It would really help if the store would install a computerized product search.

Considering the trade situation, I resent seeing products that proudly proclaim they are made in the USA. I know that we cannot always get items that are made in Canada but I would like stores in Canada to do their best at procuring local merchandise.

It may mean a slightly longer trip but my future shopping will be at Canadian Tire and Home Hardware.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Overall performance.

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