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my experience with lowes was one not even one the movies could dream up.I was behind 2 payments on my Lowes credit card. I talked to a representative from Lowes customer service who of course was out sourced to India.

I told them that we got behind because we had just moved and my husband was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. He had a count of 1226 and was rushed to ICU and in a diabetic coma. I was told that they could give me a program to pay off my bill but i had to first go to the hospital at 5:00 am and get a power of attorney.I tried to tell the indian woman that he was in a coma and she insisted that if I did not do this the program would not be given to me. I along with my brother went to the ICU Unit and told the doctors what we needed.

They were horrified at the insistance that we needed this. I told them what Lowes said I need to do and they informed me how dangerous this would be. Wanting to do the right thing and pay our bill I told them to try to see if they could awaken my husband. The doctors did and my husband was in so much pain but was able to scrible a power of attorney for Lowes.

We faxed this document to this woman as she insisted that we had to do this by 8:oo am and then call her by 8:05 or this account would be closed. My husband went through untold pain and were not even talking about the 10's of thousand of dollars it cost us to do this. I am a wife who is on disability with heart problems who did not need this pain and sufferiing not only on me but on my husband who they still don't know will live or not. I cannnot believe the heartlessness and lack of compasion that this company had to ask me to do such a horrific thing as this.

I did everything this woman asked me to do even though my husband suffered so much pain as did I that I had to do this. After all this , the Indian woman wasn't even there. I tried for hours to talk to her and was told by 5 other people different lies and stories of where she was. I was then told she would be in at 1:00 pm so I called back to ask her why she was not there when I called and why she made me do this to my husband who is dying and why she put me through this *** for a lousy 1,600 dollars .

Asked for a supervisor and was sent to the woman from *** who lied and coverd for this woman. I begged her to find this woman to ask her why she put me through this when it could have been handled differently. For 5 hours not only I but my brother begged 5 different people to find this woman to tell me why this had to be this way and to tell me why she wasn't there to answer the phone.I begged for over an hour for this supervisor to please let me talk to this Jennifer Lee on the phone. At this point I was told my husband may not even make it through the night.

It took me over and hour with extreme yelling for this supervisor to finally find this missing woman.Every conversation was recorded and when Jenifer Lee was finally found she denied ever saying anything about sending me to ICU and just wanted me to work out something with them. WTF is Lowes thinking hiring people like this. Finally my brother went through channels in the US and got Lowes managment team to help us. One woman in particular was extremley helpfull and simpathetic to what had happened to us.We are grateful for her help.

I wish I could say that made a difference but it didn't. Once Lowes upper managment finally heard the tape recordings of what happend and contacted me we thought there would at least be some kind of suspension of these people or firiing of them for the heartless and rudeness and disregarde of my husbands life that it meant so little to them that nothing was done. The end result of all of this was upper management told me that this woman didn't undersatand me probably and that all they would do would be to retain her and no actions to the supervisor and no help for me, who went through untold *** and pain and suffering not only my suffering but my husbands. Lowes took no responsibilty for what happend with there outsouring to India to people with no training on customer service and offered me nothing ,but we will still cancel your card but if you want to still pay it off we will take your money.

To sum up my experience with a Lowes company is My husband may still die and I went through *** to do the right thing and all Lowes could say to me is we will retrain these employess and sorry for your pain.

REALLY!!!!!!!! Anyone who reads what happenend to me with Lowes customer service just remember THIS could happen to YOU!!!!

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first of all its GE capital not Lowes. Second if you were already 2 months behind it is obvious you had no intention of paying your bill.

3rd if this is in fact true you are a certified *** for trying to wake someone out of a coma to get a POA for a credit card.

4th if the doctor indeed tried to raise your husband from a coma to sigh the said POA he is an ***. Take your idiotic *** elsewhere and learn to pay your bills you gutter rat


What a bunch of BS. Your first statement is "I was behind 2 payments..." which indicates the account is in your name.

Why would you need a power of attorney from you husband to deal with your account? This is just a rambling made up story trying to cause trouble.