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The Z246 mower purchased from Lowe’s is a real lemon. The mower was purchased as a new unit.

After getting it home, it would not crank. Lowe’s picked the unit up, serviced it and returned it. Attempted to cut my lawn the following week; the mower would not crank- dead battery. Lowe’s replaced the battery.

I installed the battery cut my lawn and stored the unit until the next cutting season in March. Again, mower would not crank. I was told to take it to Revel Ace in Byram MS. Unit was diagnosed with bad starter.

The unit was repaired returned to me; however, shortly after the unit was delivered. I attempted to mow, it would crank but die each time I engaged the unit. The delivery guy loaded the mower and returned to Lowe’s. This happened in April 2018; it is July 2018- no mower.

Additionally, the mower seats were ruined. It was ruined in the repair shop. They did not exercise care for the unit while it was under their care. They told me that if it wasn’t mechanical, it was on me.

Bull crap!!!! I have complained to the State Attorney General’s Office, Lowe’s Corporate and I am poised to get an attorney on this one.

A word to the wise- Do Not Patronize Lowe’s; this has been a nightmare for me. It will very likely become a nightmare for you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Husqvarna Z246 Lawn Mower.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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