1201 West US Highway 380 Business, Decatur, TX 76234, USA
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I purchase a central unit for my home at Lowe's , Decatur Texas. A Ary Company Heating and AC.

did the installation. The unit is call a packed unit, mean the heat and AC is in one unit with plenum boxes run on the crawl space connected with flexible ducts. Well A Ary, Co. install plenum too short that do not give any room for the crawl space skirt wall; also some flex ducts was touching the ground risking animal tear down the ducts.

A Ary, Co leaved the unit completed out of level, never hook the electricity and never tested. A Ary,co. are very unprofessional, had no idea what mean service, only want is make profit. Be aware that Lowe's won't back you out.

Now my unit is not finish, and another company is charging me $3000 to finish this installation because A Ary,Co. do not leave enough return to breathe so the unit won't freeze . Please be aware of this so do not make the same mistake I did. A Ary company heat and AC at Decatur Texas do no have the minimum idea about heating and cooling, and this the kind contractor Lowe's hired.

Be Aware. Thanks

Product or Service Mentioned: A Ary Air Conditioning Hvac Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $7500.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Lowes Cons: Hvac installation sucks.

  • Hvac Installation Sucks
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Have the same problem in Brooklyn, NY. Fast to respond to make the sale but impossible to reach when you have a problem.

Installer Nick from CCH Mechanical does not return your calls and CPO project coordination Sharon Jones is just as unprofessional as the installer. Have had my unit in for 1-1/2 month and still waiting for them to contact me on an existing problem from day one.

They just don't return your calls! Advise not to use Lowe's for any of your HVAC install.


Sounds like an all around miserable job.

That's a lot of money for a miserable job.

Unfortunately, you will likely collect nothing in return because you bungled the complaint process.

Nowhere does it state that you took any remedial action to allow the mistakes to be corrected.

Then you failed to issue a written demand outlining the problem and promising additional action by a certain date.

To top it off, you called in a 3rd party who charged you even more than you've already paid out.

You're out that money, period, paragraph.

Since you are apparently not a native English speaker, I suggest that you : (a) return to school for remedial communication skills and (B) attend a technical school to learn enough about HVAC, electricity, plumbing, etc. so that you're not such an easy victim next time.


A customer never bungles a complaint, if this was corrected by Lowes, no problem! Sounds like there new business plan.

Never go to Lowes for installation of anything. Go straight to the Contractor no middle man.


You absolute right. I learned my lesson. Thanks.


Smitty, , you right my mother language is not English, but that not stop me to write a complain, Unfortanely I put in balance what I will got in return suing I big corporation like Lowe's investing time, effort and even lot of money; figure not worthy. I learned my lesson.

Never contract big retail store for installation like carpet, HVAC, Door, Windows, etc. Because they had to split the profit, so they will find such a lousy installer that will do a crappie job just to get the most of profit.

Hire a professional installer direct so he will do a professional job to get right profit.

Fortunately I got enough skill to finish this installation even better that the installer sub-contract by lowes.

By the way, be carefully with lowes credit card promotions. when you pay every month is not going direct to the promotion, they will split the payment between regular purchase and the promotions so if you careful the promotion expired and will ending paying full interest of that promotions.