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I bought a belt drive self propelled Troy-Bilt 21" self propelled lawn mower. The belt has broken 9 times in the last year and a half.

I finally caught on (after 5 or 6 belts)that the belt that sells for $18.00 at Lowe's can be purchased for $3.95 at most real hardware stores.

I also have a Troy Bilt push mower. It is a real piece of junk. Lowe's does nothing but say don't bring it back to us.

I am a slow learner. I also have a Trow-Bilt Tuffy spring assist *** eater. I can't say what I think about it here.

I will buy nothing at Lowe's again.

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Also, Craftsman uses the same motor companies for the "specs" on their product. They also deal with the some of the same parts dealers since the parts "people" also have the market cornered with their "giants".

"Retailer4life", go to your displays in your OPE dept. and look at a manual for Try-Bilt pressure washers. Find the company who is now over the pressure washers. You will find that it is Generac.

The same Generac out of Wisconsin that handles some of Lowes generators. Use the # in the manual and call that company. They will explain why they have the rights over a product with the name Troy-bilt. It has to do with distribution and parts.

And they wanted to stay with an American affiliate. Peolple reading this comment. We have all the info and tools that we need to educate ourselves as consumers. We sometimes need some guidance.

Also, you are the only person who has the final decision on what product you buy. Everyone, good luck in the future and God Bless!


Also, remember this. Home depot--Cub Cadet, MTD.

K-Mart--Yard Machine, MTD. Bolens, Huskee(not Husqvarna), Yardman, and alot of others, guess what? MTD!!! one-third of Craftsman parts division is tied to MTD affiliates.

MTD is a giant that can handle mass distribution worldwide for all the companies that are affiliated with them. However, the companies under MTD still have their own rights with a portion of royalties that go to that company(Cub Cadet, Troy-Bilt, ETC.)They also have specification rights when it comes to design apart from MTD. There is a MTD brand that is called MTD. Husqvarna tractors are affiliated with Frigidaire/Electrolux because of the increase in popularity with their product.

Frig./Elect. can handle the volume of merchandise and move it worldwide. Most cosumer hotlines, sites, books or magazines will explain these procedures.

They will also give you a better understanding and show you yhe integrity of the product and company name that backs it. "Retailer4life", good effort, but, a little bit more on Lowes.net and some phone calls to the manufacturers in "our" store will help educate you.


I work for Lowe's, and the Troy-Bilt line that Lowe's carries is not Troy-Bilt. They are made by MTD.

Yes, the MTD of WalMart and other discount lawn care fame. MTD merely bought the Troy-Bilt name. Sort of like the Sylvania TV brand Sears sells.

Famous brand name, but made by el cheapo electronics manufacturer Funai. These companies merely BUY the name, nothing more.

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