Eugene, Oregon
Not resolved

In late August I ordered 2 area rugs "online" from Lowes. HUGH MISTAKE.

Got an e-mail stating I would have rugs on or before 9-6-2010. On 9-8 I contacted the "on-line" customer service contact number - was immediately connected to my closest store, Medford, Oregon. Without becoming completely boring, I will say that in my 60 plus years, this was THE WORST experience I have ever had. Was told by 5 different employees that my rugs were "en route".

Finally, on 9-21 I received a phone call, from yet another employee stating that - OOPS - rugs had never been shipped, but LOWES would be happy to give me my money back. I am pleased to say that I did receive my credit account refund in the mail (promptly). Too bad Lowes doesn't seem to be able to deliver the same service when you are getting an actual product. I personally do not expect to ever cross Lowes threshold again.

A truly horrible experience.

Have you guys up in corporate ever considered a "customer service" consulting firm. Might be worthwhile - although with the attitudes I experienced don't really know if it would help.

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So was this in Eugene or Medford? A little confusing in the info.

I am sure the company is represented by the 1 order you made. Makes sense.


Whats a hugh mistake?

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