Tukwila, Washington
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I bought a troy built tb160 with honda motor on 3-23-2013. used that summer-ran great.

this spring i mowed the yard once, next week i mowed for about 2 minutes and it died, i checked everything, especially the oil level, plug, air filter. took to loses and they sent it off to get checked out-told me 2 weeks. 3.5 weeks later they call and say it has a broken connecting rod and no oil on the dipstick., and that it would be 350$ to fix. I KNOW IT HAD OIL WHEN I BROUGHT IT IN!!!!!

they are just saying that so it won't be covered under warranty, i am not ***, i know how big companies work. i have always owned craftsman mowers- the last one ran 11 years and just died due to carb problems, thats why i bought this tb160 mower. i paid 250$ for it. Now what to do?

wife said i should have bought a craftsman. she is right. i spend about 1000$ every year on tools for work and building supplies.i am on total boycott of lowes now. i have a home depot about 5 miles away that will get my business from now on.

also when the lady at lows gave me the work paper copy and took my mower she kept my original receipt. didn't realize till later.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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