Stockton, California

well I discovered that I did not need the tire and return to the store to return the item . I had the receipt for the item and told me I had return the item three times aleady which was not true so I as to speak to the manager, the manager came and he ask for my phone number and said he was going to review video tapes from store security cameras to verify that I had actually bought the item at the store.

after about 20-30 minutes standing there, and the video confirmed that I made the purchase. this happen aug 13 2013 my attorney Peter D. Sloane sent a letter Lowe's Executive Support Lowe's Inc.

1605 Cutis Bridge Road Wilksboro, NC 28697 October 7, 2013 Attorney phone number is 360-836-2043 my name james harris I am a 67 year old African- American disable veteran my phone number is 209-430-2974 the manager told they do every this way, because people find receipts another person thrown on the ground in the parking lot. the manager was trying accuse me of trying to steal from the store by picking up a receipt in the parking lot on the ground.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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waiting to here from you lowe's


So what exactly is the issue? You have an issue with Lowes trying to protect their interests?

People do in fact try all sorts of thieves concerning returns. Did they eventually let you return the item?

Sure sounds like they did, but yet YOU STILL HAVE AN ISSUE. Get over yourself.


OK bud for your information when I purchase the lawn mower tire,one of the persons work at lowe's went outside with me to the parking lot to my truck to see the tire on the lawn mower to make sure I was buying the right tire, and when I return with the receipt and the tire three days later the same cashier where I bought the tire told me I had already return the tire three times aleady, and for you information the store manager call me and told me the cashier and the assistant manager had screw up,i don't know why I treated the way I was, so you tell me you know everything, what I think you should stay out of grown people business if you understand English, by have a nice day.




The feeling, I was feeling while I being checked out to find out if I was a crook, my mind went blank the whole time this was going,i was so angry and all I could do was stand there and take my brain back to viet nam where it was safe,when it was over,the assistant manager came over to me, gave me my money for the return item, and said I sure hope you come back to the store, and I said wow, and I left the store with my head all messed up. I was afraid to go to the mall, stores like lowe's;i well never go the again.